The Vacation A novel

David Lang is spending his long-awaited vacation in Hawaii when someone is killed in a resort that he's staying in. When he meets several tourists on the Island, he attempts to survive before the killer strikes again.


1. Hawaii-Part One


The majestic looking Island of Hawaii was full of tourists. David Lang gripped his luggage in his strong hands, as he headed to the Resort Hotel where he would be staying for two weeks. The internal pressures of his detective job was put on the backburner after the death of his wife, Sandra, back in London at the hands of a drunk driver a year ago; the death caused him to shut down emotionally from his friends, and family, for two months. After Christmas, 2017, had ended, David wanted to ask God for answers to the meaning of life, death, and the troubles in his life. In short, he needed a break. And he had always wanted to go to Hawaii. The place was something foreign and exciting to him; it was exciting in all kinds of ways. He hadn't met any women for a long time. The bars were full of violent people who were drinking beer until they were drunk, and started to commit acts of murder. He shook his head, and he saw a Hawaiian man opening the front door. "Can I take your luggage, Sir?". "Yes, of course", he answered. He smiled, as he walked through the double doors. When the hotel guard gave him his luggage back, he walked along the red carpet...and stopped walking towards the busy Reception Desk, where a woman in her early thirties was smiling at him.


"Can I help you, Sir?", she asked him.

"Yes, I I've booked for a fortnight. I'm David Lang". He grabbed his brown wallet. "Yes, you're booked on-line. Everything's on the computer system app. Once everything's processed, Diego can take your luggage to room 45. I'm Marcia Sheppard. If you need any questions, let me know", she answered him. David smiled. He smiled. "Thank you. Hawaii is a place that I wanted to go to for awhile". Suddenly he saw a Spanish man in his late twenties. "La habitación está arriba, Señor. Por favor, sígueme​". David nodded. He walked upstairs to his room which was to his left. He let Diego open the room with his key. "Si necesito algo, Diego, yo me iré a la recepción​", he said. Diego nodded. After he saw his room, he noticed a medium-sized bed, a closet, glass windows that was covered in red curtains, Wi-Fi, and a high-definition television to play Blue Ray movies. And a I-phone charger socket. Diego left him alone, as David stretched his legs. He then closed placed his luggage underneath his bed. Then he yawned, and went to sleep for several hours. 

It was 2:00 PM.


Marie Llewellyn, a French woman, gazed at the waiter. "Excusez-moi, j'ai besoin d'aller à ma chamber​?", she asked him. "Table 44 est prêt quand vous revenez, mademoiselle​". She nodded. Then, as she walked upstairs, she saw a Canadian couple was talking in the brightly-lit hallway. She smiled at them. "Sabine, Ralph. How are you?", she asked in English. "We're fine. Thank you, Marie", Sabine answered her. And she opened her door with a key, and looked at her room.


By three o'clock PM, David awoke. He went to the toilet, and closed the door. Once he washed his hands with a white towel that was on the silvery rack on the creamy walls, he opened the door, and saw Marie coming out of her room. "Hi, I'm David". Marie smiled at him. "Marie. I'm from Paris", she said. He grinned. "I'm from London. I'm on vacation for two weeks in Hawaii". She hadn't met other men who attracted her. She had been turned off by the dating shows on television; she hated reality television because everything was false; everything was horrible. In her mind, she was wary of people. "If you'd like to join me for dinner tonight at six o'clock". Marie nodded. "I'd love to", she said. David looked around. He then brought her some coffee, and they talked about Hawaii.


The black hooded killer stood by the pool. He was breathing hard, as he knew that something had to give. He held onto the sharp butcher knife in his gloves. He didn't want to attract publicity on-line. He was an old-school killer who ignored social media. He breathed again. Then, as his blue eyes focused on the pretty blonde Australian woman from Melbourne, he knew that she wouldn't dream of imminent death. Hawaii was full of different people who were dreaming of having fun in the hot sun. He put the knife away, then he waited for the woman as she jumped into the deep, cold, water. He smiled at her, and waited for the perfect time to kill


David relaxed.

"I've been to Paris. It's full of creative people". Marie nodded. "I was a fashion model before I decided to be a writer. My parents thought that I'd be a millionaire before I was twenty. Hawaii was a country to escape from the paparazzi". David sipped his coffee. "The Internet is full of crazy people. That's why I prefer exploring countries, and meet people who are normal". Marie smiled. "Yes, I prefer normality. Nothing is worse than being attacked by psychopaths". David looked at the other couples in their tables. By four o'clock in the hot afternoon, David and Marie headed out of the spacious Dining Room. Lamps illuminated the pool, chairs, and palm trees. Marie held out her right hand, as David kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his body, and they headed to the pool area.


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