The Vacation A novel

David Lang is spending his long-awaited vacation in Hawaii when someone is killed in a resort that he's staying in. When he meets several tourists on the Island, he attempts to survive before the killer strikes again.


4. Hawaii-Part Four


Christine Bail shuddered with fear. She remembered the pool. The memories of the last attack in Los Angeles had caused her heart to beat faster than normal. Hawaii was a place that was full of dreams. She walked towards the water. As she did so, she noticed Carl Lowe, the cleaner. "Can I help you, Miss?", he asked her. "No; no. I am fine. I need to swim tonight before it rains", she answered him. Carl frowned. "It's not going to rain tonight". Christine blinked her hazel eyes. "I...don't bother...I'll swim now before I go to sleep". She jumped into the clear blue water...and hoped that the cleaner would leave her alone.


​The killer armed himself with his knife. He had been waiting a long time. Then he saw a woman swimming. He grinned, as he saw her rise up out of the water. Suddenly, before she could do anything, the knife came downward. He then shoved her into the pool, then left her to die. And the beginning of the terror had started.

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