The Vacation A novel

David Lang is spending his long-awaited vacation in Hawaii when someone is killed in a resort that he's staying in. When he meets several tourists on the Island, he attempts to survive before the killer strikes again.


5. Hawaii-Part Five


Homicide Detective Earl J. Kane, Jr., was smoking. He gazed at the old man who was reading a newspaper. He grinned. "Sir, this is a 'Non-Smoking' Hotel", Martha Sims, the owner, said. "Oh, sorry. Bad habit". He stomped on the cigarette with his right boot. Then he threw it in the silver trash bin. He tipped his grey hat with his left hand. He focused on the dead body, and shook his head. ​It's going to be a long night​, he thought to himself, as he secured the area...and vowed to bring the killer to justice.


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