If she chose jacob

A new life?
What will happen if bella falls for Jacob?


4. his return

They walked hand in hand through the forest.

"I just love being outside don't you?"

"I do" she said softly.

There was intense rustling in the bushes. Jake jumped infront of bella. They walked out like a flock of sheep: Edward, Alice, jasper, emmet and the others.

"Well look who showed up the bloodsuckers..."

"Jake..."she whispered.

"What do you want...?"

"Well you are on the wolves territory..."

Alice rolled her eyes.

"Oh please it doesn't matter who's territory it is! We all need to get along puh-lease! This isn't gonna work out if were at war again!" Alice stated.

"I guess you're right" jake said

Bella sighed with relief hugging Alice.

"God thank you we have Alice around to sort the problems out...."she whispered.

Alice and bella smiled at each other reassuringly, hoping everyone would get along.

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