If she chose jacob

A new life?
What will happen if bella falls for Jacob?


5. friends

Bella brought Alice inside it was pretty warm out but they sat for hours talking as they have been best friends since they met, something just clicked between them and they were like sisters...

"Hey bella me and the pack are going cliff diving do you wanna come?"

"No thanks jake" bella got up kissing him before sitting back down.

"Ok love you bye!"

"Love you too!"

I started feeling really dizzy and feverish.

"Alice I think i-I'm gonna pass o-"

I fell to the floor as I lay unconscious.

"Alice what happened??" Edward asked worried.

"She passed out..."

"Let's get her to Carlisle"

She nodded as Edward picked me up carrying me using his super speed to get me to Carlisle.

"She's just passed out she'll be fine, where's Jacob?"

"He went cliff diving"

"Edward aren't you gonna tell him"

"If he hasn't come by now he obviously doesn't care "

Carlisle rolled his eyes.





"I'm coming!"

Edward opened the door as Jacob looked panicked.

"Where is she!" Jacob pushed past Edward running upstairs to see me passed out lying on a bed.

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