If she chose jacob

A new life?
What will happen if bella falls for Jacob?


2. choices

They stood bella in the middle of Jacob and Edward blocking them from fighting.

"She would choose me if it weren't for you vampires brain washing you!"

"Oh really"

"Oh yeah since she's been friends with you she's been in a lot of danger!"

"Boys it isn't your decision it's mine!"

"Bella listen if you choose me I will never hurt you like he could you will never be in danger and I will always be there for you ..."

"Thanks Jacob anything you wanna say Edward?"

"Yeah...I have been the one protecting bella and being there for her so I don't know why you're saying"

"You guys don't let me near her..."


'What to do who to choose...'

"Alright I've thought about who I wanna pick"

She inhaled and exhaled slowly

"I'm going to pick... Jacob I'm sorry Edward..."

Edward walked upto Jacob grabbing him " you look after this girl and love her she is everything to me"

Jake nodded as Edward left.

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