Why are there People in your Basement?


1. The Basement

“Oi, get back here!” I yelled.

Hi there readers! I’ve kidnapped people from Harry Potter and locked them up in my basement. Could you people reading this send me some ideas, I can’t think of anything. Anyway, moving on.

I ran after Harry, all around the room trying to get him in my basement. All the others went in without a fuss but there’s always one that disobeys you. In the end I whipped out my wand and cursed him.

“Crusio, ha get in my basement!” I had really lost it now.

Harry had made all this fuss because I’m a death eater, what an idiot. I’m Spencer, I’m a pureblood, I’m married to Draco Lucius Malfoy, I was in Slytherin and.....and....... what was it.....oh I’m Voldemort’s daughter, how could I forget that.

All my friends; Pansy Parkinson, Astoria Greengrass, Blaise Zambini and Ginny Weasley (she was put into Slytherin), get special treatment. Me, Draco and all my friends get to watch all our enemies suffer. Brilliant way to spend a year!

Food, washing etcetera, etcetera are rationed. I’m allowed to do this because Draco is minister of magic! I have so much power!

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