A collection of poems portraying what's going on inside my head. Each one is in a different mood, or a different setting, usually described by the title. I write in a fast mind-flow kind of way, that hopefully creates dynamic and odd structured poems, which I think greatly portray my state of mind.

Cover artwork by me, Jasmine Green ©


10. Oasis



I wish I believed in something more than an oasis

But I'm stranded in a desert


Long treks through the heat


My feet drag

Weighed down by sand

I'm thirsty

There's no relief


I get buried

In the patterns of the sand,

I can burst through

showering my world with golden rain

But it doesn't stop

It sticks to me like dirt on a sole

The grit too hard to brush off


I look at the sun

And I want it to blind me

Drown me in its rays

I just get burnt

And I can't see it anymore

I have to shield my face


And the sky is so deep

It suffocates me

Blankets of blue...




My mind is full of fields and trees

Bearing fruit in technicolour

Greens and greens and greens

A place where things grow

Where breeze washes away the scorching heat


The trickle of water on my skin

Tumbling from the rocks

Refreshes my dried lips

The cool forest wraps itself around me



Dappled light breaks through the branches

Changing the view

Delicately touching the ground

With golden flecks of sun

Dancing on the grass;

Everything is brighter


I will find company in the trees

Their leaves brushing my cheeks

Their seeds I bite into

Jewel-like moments of joy

The juice runs

And I let it cover my face

Blood red on my pale chin



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