The Story of Koko Slick

On the planet Flukupra, the Yalis is a species just like the humans, only they aren't violent in any way. Suddenly, the biggest city in the world starts getting a bunch of homicides. City police can't figure out what's being used for attack so they call in Mr. Koko Slick, the smartest man in the world, to uncover the mystery and stop the murders from happening. He stops at nothing to make sure that whomever is behind this is captured. Only he has no idea what is at stake.


5. Time Off

The captain told me to take a few weeks off so I could mourn my loses with my son. The deaths of my wife and my baby girl didn't seem real to either of us. Yadosso would barely even speak to me. He was either away with friends or in his room ignoring me. Maybe he blames me for their deaths. I don't blame him, I do too. I failed not only the city but them too.

Even though I took time off I was still working from home. The best way to avenge the cities loses is by figuring out why our planet wants to kill us. I took many samples of the soil, in many different locations, and tested them in my home lab. The results showed me that there was an irregular amount of methanethiol in the soil. It still didn't answer the question of where it was coming from though. That question may never be answered. Methanethiol is a natural substance that gets released from decaying organic matter in marshes. Sometimes it is in the air in certain regions, but not large amounts like this.

Once my mourn period was over I went back to work and told the captain that the planet wants to kill us. He laughed and didn't believe me. He said that was impossible, that we've been so kind to this world, why would it want to kill us? I shook my head and left without giving a response. He was right, why would the planet want to kill us? Unanswered questions drove me insane. If the planet did want to kill us, why hasn't it killed us all yet? To answer those questions, my best guess was to go back to work taking samples.

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