The Story of Koko Slick

On the planet Flukupra, the Yalis is a species just like the humans, only they aren't violent in any way. Suddenly, the biggest city in the world starts getting a bunch of homicides. City police can't figure out what's being used for attack so they call in Mr. Koko Slick, the smartest man in the world, to uncover the mystery and stop the murders from happening. He stops at nothing to make sure that whomever is behind this is captured. Only he has no idea what is at stake.


8. The Final Days

I write in a journal with one day remaining. It says: If this journal ever gets out into the universe, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Koko Slick, but please call me Mr. Slick. I come from the planet Flukupra, located in the Getrone Constellation, in the Milky Way Galaxy. I am one of the smartest intellects this world has ever known. If someone find this message, that means I have failed. If you are reading this, my species needs help. Please help us!

After I write it, I send it out into the universe, hoping for a miracle. Twelve hours remain and my nose is plugged with the putrid smell. I think about suicide way more than I should be. I'm sitting in my chair in the living room reading a book when something enters my home abruptly. 

Startled, I jump into defense mode and see one of the members of the Wise Ten. He is extremely tall. Simply put, he looks like a classification of normal alien.

He smiles at me and says, "Mr. Slick, I got your message. I unfortunately cannot save your planet and there isn't enough time to move all of you. I can however transform you into something that can survive this new world. Do you understand?"

I stand there in shock, speechless. I swallow and finally say, "Will I be able to leave this planet and turn back to my normal body? Will I be able to see my son again?"

"In time, yes, but it will take a long time. You will have to be patient. You have to trust me. We don't have very much time."

"Okay, I do trust you. I'm ready for transformation." In a snap of his fingers I feel my body beginning to morph. It hurts. In a matter of seconds I am completely transformed. I have three legs, two in the front, and one in the back. No arms. My forehead has irregular patterned holes all across my skull. My body is solid, thankfully, with gray colored legs and irregular patterned indents across it all. I look to be a horse, and when I attempt to speak I make a high pitch screeching sounds. 

"You won't be able to speak out loud, Mr. Slick. You can speak telepathically to the others and you'll be able to hunt with ease. I truly am sorry about this. The time will come where everything is going to be okay."

I growl and speak telepathically in a whining voice, "Who are you?"

"My name is Cybbess. I want what's best for the galaxy, so know that I am going to help you. Just know that future events must play out before you can be Yalis again." Before I could say anything, he vanishes. I guess all I can do is lead my new species to survive until the time comes where Cybbess changes us back. Until then...

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