The Story of Koko Slick

On the planet Flukupra, the Yalis is a species just like the humans, only they aren't violent in any way. Suddenly, the biggest city in the world starts getting a bunch of homicides. City police can't figure out what's being used for attack so they call in Mr. Koko Slick, the smartest man in the world, to uncover the mystery and stop the murders from happening. He stops at nothing to make sure that whomever is behind this is captured. Only he has no idea what is at stake.


3. The Event

Being the smartest man alive I get access to things that would usually be classified. In the last couple days just over forty people have been found dead all across the city. All the victims look the same. I'm by no means a crime fighter, but when all the victims have no wounds from a weapon, the police department hopes to get answers from me. Of course I love excitement and mystery, so I accept to take on the case.

When examining the bodies of the victims in the lab, I come across a large amount of methanethiol in their systems. Every Yalis being has a hint of this chemical in their body, but nothing like this. Nothing of such large quantity. After taking the readings I begin to cut him open, and when doing so a horrid, putrid smell comes fuming into my nose, causing me to puke. There's so much of the gas fuming out that an alarm goes off and everyone is forced to exit the building.

After exiting the building, the authorities arrive and it takes seven hours to get rid of all of the toxic gas. At this time the public starts asking questions. The captain of the police force asks me to explain everything in a broadcast that would go throughout the whole city. I get little time before getting thrown in.

I say to the city people, "Dear citizens, this is Koko Slick. Not too recently I won the award for 'Smartest Man Alive'. The captain of the police force asked me to take over the investigation because the deaths were of unknown causes. All of the victims that have died within the last couple days have had a large amount of the chemical known as methanethiol in their systems. This chemical is a colorless gas that everyone has in their bodies. Too much of the gas is extremely dangerous. At high levels it can affect your central nervous system and eventually kill you. I believe that somehow, someone has created a weapon out of the gas. This is the worst terrorist attack in Yalis history. For your safety, I have asked the captain to take into affect a curfew. More information about that will come later. I am not going to stop until I find this killer and bring him to justice. I give you all my word."

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