The Story of Koko Slick

On the planet Flukupra, the Yalis is a species just like the humans, only they aren't violent in any way. Suddenly, the biggest city in the world starts getting a bunch of homicides. City police can't figure out what's being used for attack so they call in Mr. Koko Slick, the smartest man in the world, to uncover the mystery and stop the murders from happening. He stops at nothing to make sure that whomever is behind this is captured. Only he has no idea what is at stake.


6. The Collapse

Months have now passed and the list of the deceased continues to grow. I stopped keeping track once it hit over one hundred and fifty individuals. Everyone was scared. Mass panic broke loose. Businesses started to collapse, destruction of property started to escalate. The police force was no longer useful as many joined in this destruction act. My son became extremely terrified to leave the house. I kept him safe by staying him with him.

My studies over the past few months showed me that the chemical levels in the soil were rising at extremely high rates. If my calculations are correct, the planet will kill us all in only two months. My final hypothesis states that the reason the methanethiol levels have been rising is because all of the dead organic matter that has been buried underneath all of our buildings has finally built up enough to release itself.

Members of the presidency sent pilots to the Wise Ten to ask for help, but it may already by too late. Because of the destruction act, evacuation plan started to present themselves. That's when the city started to fall apart all together. Only the rich and the gifted had the ability to get on board these evacuation ships. The city decided to deem me as unreliable because I couldn't save the world. By no means was I rich, so I quickly realized that my son and I were going to be stranded on Flukupra.

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