Addie & Greya

2 female spies, 1 anonymous boss, and a whole load of people who are trying to capture them.

(loosely based on the song MK Ultra by Muse)

- Written in split narrative -


Author's note

Updates on this story will be slow until I've finished my main romance movella. Favourite if you want to stick around for the rest of the story!

2. Greya

'Copy that, the Waiter is on the move' 

I was crouched down in the dark, my eyes locked on a figure at the shoreline up ahead. 

To anyone who happened to see or hear me it would have seemed I had whispered into thin air, but to anyone who knew who I was or why I was there It would have been clear I was really talking to someone sitting at a desk listening through my earpiece. 

I fiddled with the tiny unit in my ear which was producing a teeth-grinding static noise. I muttered under my breath 'damn thing not working again', as if that would help fix the connection. A loud voice boomed and I knew I had pressed it in too hard again, slightly recoiling at the intense noise, although pleased it had sorted itself out. 

'Approach the target. Ensure the waiter is secured', my orders came and I knew better than to not carry them out immediately. I took a second to make sure it was 'The Waiter' I was approaching. I'd made this mistake too many times before, on one occasion it ended in a dog having to have its leg amputated (poor thing). The dark figure was obviously waiting for something, looking out to sea with all the signs of being on the run and looking for an escape – he definitely did look like this mysterious 'the waiter'. 

Code names always baffle me, because whenever you say them you so obviously sound like a spy. Or at the very least someone who really doesn't want to be overheard, immediately placing suspicions on yourself – but my boss insisted. 

'The Waiter will be secured' I replied to the voice in my ear, the boss I just mentioned, and I sprung up from my cover beside a rowing boat, pebbles crunching beneath my boots. Swiftly trudging across the beach towards my target I prepared myself for the attack. He heard me behind him and turned around, apparently in shock that someone had found him. 

'hi, nice to meet you sir' I utter. Before he could get a word in I had knocked him in the knee and grabbed him by the head. He struggled, trying to kick at me, but I pressed him face first to the ground, securing my grip around his torso. 'sorry, but you're going to have to come with me'. The thrill of saying those words never ceased, but maybe it was just the slight rise in adrenaline from the attack. 

'The target is secured' I said aloud, knowing my back up would be here any second. 

'Copy that. I'm coming in' came a delicate voice through my ear, very different to the harsh male boom of my boss. 

A distant figure was walking towards me from up ahead, indistinct in the night, having come from further in land, she was moving slowly, but I gradually came to see her face – it was Adelaide. 

'Pretty good AG' She praised through my earpiece, using my code name of course. ''Course it would have been quicker to have gone for the groin.' 

'But more painful' I replied laughing slightly at her devil may care attitude, 'and I don't know what he deserves, not knowing what he's done' I look down at the back of 'The Waiters' shaved head, who hadn't tried to make any sort of escape or say anything. 'I haven't knocked him out have I?' I questioned, as Addie finally got to where I was holding him down. He moved his head to look at me scathingly, obviously not knocked out, but with no hurry to talk. 

'I wouldn't have put it past you. Come on let's get him out of here' Addie said grabbing one of the man's arms and helping me raise him off the ground. 

'you're a bit of a difficult one, aren't you' she mocked, in that sarcastic way she does. 

'AA don't' I whispered to Addie in warning, he was docile enough, and didn't need stirring up by her. She just laughed and continued to help me walk him across the beach to a car that was parked up in the grass. 

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