The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland

It's about a girl named Alice but it's not the story you know so I hope you enjoy it


10. Trouble In Paradise


Mad Maddison dropped Alice off in the forest back on the path once they escaped the red knight. “Farwell  Alice. Until we meet again!” Shey then ran back to her garden for an everlasting tea party as usual. The Cheshire Cat hovered over to Alice, “Careful, you’re heading towards The Red Queen’s palace so I suggest you disguise yourself or something, or it’ll be off with your head.”  Alice held her neck out of terror. “Alright, thanks for the warning.” She continued to walk but realizes that she might not be able to get home. She sat down on a log and almost broke out in tears.”Cheshire, can I truly get home? I feel like this path might take me to my doom…” Cheshire sits next to Alice and says, “Alice, you can get home. I'm sure the queen will allow you to get out of her hair, considering how she is of course…Don't cry Alice. You'll be home soon enough, don't  you worry. I'll help you.” Alice wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled like she always does. “Thank you Cheshire. Okay, let’s go now.” Alice and the Cheshire Cat continued on the path, meeting people along the way and having fun before she meets the Red Queen. After a while of walking and making new friends, Alice and Cheshire make it to the Red Queen's palace.

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