The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland

It's about a girl named Alice but it's not the story you know so I hope you enjoy it


11. The Red Queen's Wrath

Alice and Cheshire arrive at the Red Queen's palace and enter a beautiful garden that have trees with white roses on them. Alice noticed buckets with red liquid in them, but it wasn't paint. A few guards came along with paint brushes in their hands as they picked up the buckets in a hurry. They quickly painted the roses on the trees red with the red liquid. Alice was hiding behind a rose bush that has already been “painted.” She looked at a rose and, out of curiosity, she smelled the rose. Her eyes widened and she covered her nose. “Why does the roses smell so foul!” She whispered. She backed away to get away from the smell, but she accidentally knocked over a bucket. Her hands landed in the pool of the red liquid and she almost screamed. Three shadows appeared behind her. “Who are you?” One of them said. “State your business here! Another one said. They sounded serious, but like their lives have been drained a little. “Turn around and state your business immediately.”  The third one stated. Alice looked at her hands and started shaking. “Is this...BLOOD?” Alice thought. She turned around and held up her hands. “Name?” Said the guard in the middle.” She noticed that the guards look like they're on the verge of rotting. “I'm A-Alice, sir.” The guards looked at each other. Alice noticed that the guards have a peculiar scar on their necks. They looked like someone ripped off some of their flesh.”State your business here.” Said the guard on the left. “I...I just want to get home. A friend told me that the queen might be able to help me.” The guards looked at each other once more and looked back at Alice. “If you must.” Said the guard to the right. Two of them grabbed Alice’s arms and the other stood behind her and took her into the palace. As they entered the doors, Alice looked around and saw the heads of those who misspoke to the queen or disobeyed her orders. She wanted to scream, but the guard behind her put his hand over her mouth as she screamed. The white rabbit, McTwisp jumped out of a room who's door was slightly open. He blew a little jingle on his trumpet and then spoke. “Now, presenting with honor, The Red Queen!” He bowed and stepped aside. A few seconds later, a short lady stepped out of the dark hallway. She wore a red dress with many black accents and lace. She had a leather jacket with red accents and her hair was tied up in long pigtails they were styled like royalty, and her bangs were covering her eyes by the angle of her head. She looked up at us and her bangs shifted to cover her right eye. Her other eye was a deep red and her eyes were surrounded by darkness, which sort of looked like eyeshadow. She stepped down a flight of stairs, her heels clicking on the surface of each stair that echoed. Her presence was eerie and Alice felt like running. A swarm of guards came out of the shadows, behind the decapitated heads. They all formed two lines on each side of the queen.The guards let go of Alice and stood behind her, on guard as usual. “Hello there my dear, sweet Alice.” Her voice was high pitched, and she sounded like a child. Shs put on a grin, it was so sinister, it looked demonic. “H-Hello your highness.” Alice bowed in fear. “Don't stutter my dear, it's not proper. But, it happens to everyone I suppose. Shall you join me for a spot of tea, Alice?” She gestured that Alice should go with her, and of course she did. Alice sat down on a sofa in the living area and the Red Queen poured her and herself a cup of herbal tea. The queen sat down on a fancy chair across from Alice and picked up her cup. “So tell me dear, what have you come here to ask me?” Alice took a sip of her tea and spoke. “I want to get back home, and I was wondering if you can help me, your highness.”  The queen took a drink of her tea and set her cup down. She folded her hands and crossed her legs, laying her hands down on her thighs. “Well of course I can my dear,” said the queen, “But before you go, won't you play a game with me darling?” Alice enjoyed games, and since this was the queen, and since she was surrounded by heads, she went along with it. “Oh yes, your highness. I very much enjoy games. What game are we playing, your highness?” The queen thought for a moment. “How about a game of royal tennis?”  She clapped her hands twice. “Guard of Spades, clean this up, would you?” A guard rushed in with a tray and set the teacups, teapot and saucers on the surface and lifted it up. He took a step and tripped on a bump in the carpet. Tea spilled all over the Queen, she screamed. Alice wanted to laugh but held it back in case of…”OFF, WITH HIS HEAD!” Said the queen in a furious rage. “I'm terribly sorry your majesty, it was an accident.” Two guards took a hold if his arms and the queen grabbed something from the surface of the fireplace. It was a dagger, sharp as ever. She walked up to the guard and spoke,“You will not make a fool of me in front of our guest…” She opened her mouth to expose her sharp, long fangs. Her eye was exposed too, for a moment at least. It was red, with a black sclera and black veins that surrounded her eye. She bit into the flesh of the poor guard’s neck and ripped it off. She then swallowed it whole, blood pouring down from her black lips. She then took her hands and ripped the guard’s head almost completely off. She then cut the spinal cord  and held his head in her hand. A guard placed a new steak post neatly beside another, a d the queen shoved the head down on the steak post. She turned over to Alice with a grin. “Pardon me one moment darling, I must go change in some proper attire for the game.” She walked up the stairs and stopped halfway. “McTwisp, see young Alice to the guest room and fit her for some sporting attire.” She clapped twice and continued up the stairs to her room. Alice got changed into a white shirt with blue short trousers, white knee high socks and blue sporting shoes. She pulled her hair up in a ponytail and headed out to the court as one of the guards instructed. The queen came out in a deep red shirt with long sleeves and a black skirt, black stockings and black sporting shoes. Her hair was tied up in, less fancy, pigtails.

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