The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland

It's about a girl named Alice but it's not the story you know so I hope you enjoy it


1. The Beginning of it all


There are a lot of events that happened when Alice discovered Underland or Wonderland as she used to call it as a little girl but for now, let’s start with the main event shall we?

Alice was getting ready for the party but what she didn’t know was that it was his party, and what she never wished to know was that Hamish was going to ask her to marry him, Alice despised Hamish but never told why, was there a secret ivhy? Or was there something more than that? She finished getting dressed, putting on her blue dress with white accents to it. She slipped on her white stockings and her black ballerina flats as she headed out to the carriage. As she got on she felt like something was off but couldn't place it.

On the carriage ride there she was staring at the window thinking to herself she looked rather tired so her mother decided to say, “Having those bad dreams again?”asked her mother, “It’s the same dream ever since I can remember, is that normal?” Alice asked with a worried look, and her mother’s response to the question was simply a, “I don’t know” “Don’t most people have different dreams?” asked Alice. Her mother replied with,  “I don’t know”  once again. “Regarding the dreams, can you manage to    smile?” asked her mother. Alice faked a smile and then once her mother wasn’t looking she frowned once again. As they arrived, they met up with Hamish’s parents

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