The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland

It's about a girl named Alice but it's not the story you know so I hope you enjoy it


9. Sweet Melodies To Sour Attitudes

Alice and the Cheshire Cat entered a garden of beautiful flowers that were singing a beautiful song. She walked up to a Lily and asked, “Excuse me, but I'm looking for my way home. Can you help me?” The Lily replied, “There is a continuation of the path you were walking on just over there sweet child, and might I ask, Who might you be?” “Oh, I'm Alice.” The flowers eyes widened and they stopped singing. They then started whispering to each other, saying things they've heard about Alice.

The flowers look at her and scoff “Look at the little petaless child.” said one of the flowers”She should be ashamed of herself, pretending to be Alice.” said another.”But I am Alice and I don’t care what you say, because I know who I am and I’m not ashamed of it!”  exclaimed Alice. “You tell them Alice!” said Mad Maddison as she was walking towards Alice “What are you doing here?” asked Alice confused. “Well, I found the oraculum and I thought I’d show it to you before you go any further.” said Mad Maddison. She opened the oraculum and showed it Alice. “Oh look, this is the day you slay the Jabberwocky!”  exclaimed Mad Maddison as she pointed to the moving picture. “That’s not me! I don’t slay!”  said Alice shaking her head. “But if you don’t then the queen of hearts will continue to destroy this world and control people!”  said Mad Maddison looking a bit worried. We all went silent and a howl of a hound dog could be heard nearby “Oh my, red knight!” she picks Alice up and puts her in her shirt pocket and starts running through the forest breaking branches to hopefully throw them off and have them follow a different path.

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