The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland

It's about a girl named Alice but it's not the story you know so I hope you enjoy it


2. Meeting Alice

“You’re late!”  said Hamish’s mother who was quite upset. “We’re terribly sorry.” Said Alice’s mother “Oh, nevermind that.”  said Hamish’s mother, she turned to Alice “Hamish is waiting to dance with you, go on now.”  said Hamish’s mother. Alice turned and did just that and Hamish’s mother walked off.“Pardon my wife,” said Hamish’s father “she’s been planning this party for over a month so she was expecting everything to be perfect as always.”  he said to Alice’s mother. She said nothing and that was that. Alice and Hamish were dancing together when Alice suddenly chuckled out of the ordinary “Do I amuse you?”  asked Hamish, “No, I just had a sudden vision that all the men were in dresses and the girls were wearing trousers.”  said Alice “It would be best to keep your visions to yourself, when in doubt remain silent” said Hamish with a stern look as they continued dancing. All of a sudden, Alice bumped into someone “Pardon her sir, Mrs Kingsley is a bit distracted today” said  Hamish as he  looked at Alice “Where’s your head?” he asked and Alice simply replied “I was just wondering what it would be like to fly.”  “Well why would you ever dream of such an impossible thing?” asked Hamish “My father once thought of six impossible things before breakfast.”  said Alice.

“That’s a child’s dream.” Hamish replied. Alice looked at him and said, “I wouldn’t think so.”  Hamish notices his mother motioning something, he paused for a bit, not quite understanding  and then he finally realizes what she means and turns Alice so that she’s looking and facing him and says “Alice, meet me under the gazebo in precisely 10 minutes.” and he walked away.”Curiouser and curiouser!”  said Alice as she walks towards that direction. Hamish’s mother stops her and she asks Alice to walk around in the garden with her and she follows her orders. Hamish’s mother talks about Hamish’s diet and other things like that. She then pauses to complain about the roses, and how they aren't perfect. Alice then sees a white rabbit in a waistcoat holding up a clock looking at her and then running away “Did you see that?”  asked Alice “See what?”  asked Hamish’s mother. “The rabbit!”  exclaimed Alice growing quite annoyed. “Don’t shout, now what was I saying?” asked Hamish’s mother. “Hamish has a blockage, I couldn’t be more interested but you’ll have to excuse me.” said Alice as she ran away. Alice chased the rabbit to a tree stump that had a huge hole in the middle of it.

She looks round but the white rabbit is nowhere to be found. Alice gets on her hands and knees and peers into the hole “Hello? Mr rabbit?” asked Alice, her voice echoing, she leans closer and puts her hand on a soft patch of dirt, her hand slips and she falls into the hole, something hits her on the head and she blacks out.

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