The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland

It's about a girl named Alice but it's not the story you know so I hope you enjoy it


5. Finding Alice

“Well, she’s not the right Alice so we basically just wasted our time.” said Mally and walked away Mctwisp following close behind “Well, I’m on my own in a strange world..what fun..”  said Alice as she walked into the forest “You there, who are you?” said no one in particular, Alice looked around for who the voice had belonged to but no luck “I-I’m Alice”  she said frightened”  a grey and purple striped cat appeared and the cat appeared to be sitting in the tree “THE Alice?” asked the cat grinning wildly “There’s been some debate about that.” said Alice looking at the cat “Oh, well then, I’m The Cheshire cat, but you can call me The Cheshire cat, or Cheshire for short.”  said the cat whose name was Cheshire. “Nice to meet you”  said Alice “I know someone who would love to see you, come with me”  the cat got up and started appearing and disappearing in different places, as Alice follows him she hears singing. Cheshire appears sitting at the table and as Alice arrives at a garden with  a table and many chairs in the center. It seemed like some sort of tea party. Mad Maddison opened her eyes and smiled once she saw Alice and got up and walked across the table and down to where Alice was. “Welcome Alice, glad to see that you’re back!” said Mad Maddison

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