The Adventures Of Alice In Wonderland

It's about a girl named Alice but it's not the story you know so I hope you enjoy it


7. Finding Alice part 2

“She’s not the right Alice, Mctwisp brought us the wrong one..again!”  said Mally. Mad Maddison looked at Alice “You’re absolutely Alice!”  Mad Maddison looked back at Mctwisp and Mally and said “She’s absolutely  Alice!”  She looks back at Alice. “I’d know you anywhere.”  she looks back at Mctwisp and Mally one final time “I’d know him anywhere!”  Mctwisp and Mally laugh “What? What’d I say?”  Mad Maddison asked confused and then looks at Alice, “Come, you simply must join us for tea. You’re terribly late you know, naughty.”  Mad Maddison chuckled and sat Alice in a chair.

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