Locked In

Alex is a shy,16 year old girl, from Detroit,Michigan. She is having to face the difficulties of her past and the extreme bullying from her new school in Petosky,Michigan. Bryn is 16 and is considered a loner. When Bryn and Alex accidentally meet in an abandoned and locked school, they will have to find a way out with out the use of a phone or internet.


1. The bathroom

"Give me your fucking money you slut,"screamed Sarah Delmaros, the school bully, specifically my bully. I was trapped between the bathroom corner and the pack of bullies in front of me ready to tear me apart.I quickly opened up my bag to get my $20 out  ,but Sarah grabbed it from me and dumped all my belongings out and into the toilet. Her friends are laughing like Hyenas and Sarah starts pointing at the toilet, "Aw did the slut loose her shit?". By then her friends are dying from laughter. I try getting out of the stall but Sarah's sidekick,Angela, blocks the exit. "where are you going? We are just getting started," Angela says with a smirk creeping up onto her face. "please just let me go," I cry. Sarah then grabs me by my hair and throws me onto the ground."You tell anyone again and next time I will kill you," yelled Sarah as  her group walks out.
       When they finally leave I look at the toilet where my phone,money, and books are now. I left the bathroom and went to the office to call Mrs.Warner, my foster mom, to ask her to pick me up. When she picks me up She starts asking me what happened because I'm bleeding from where Angela cut me with her nails earlier. I ignore her and went to sleep in the backseat.
  Hi i'm Alex and this is the story of my shitty life at Ballview High school.

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