Locked In

Alex is a shy,16 year old girl, from Detroit,Michigan. She is having to face the difficulties of her past and the extreme bullying from her new school in Petosky,Michigan. Bryn is 16 and is considered a loner. When Bryn and Alex accidentally meet in an abandoned and locked school, they will have to find a way out with out the use of a phone or internet.


3. I'm Sorry

Hey to anyone reading this. I had some fun with this book and the ideas I had for it ,but sadly I lost interest in it. I want to turn this book into so many things but it could only be one thing and i'm pretty sure it would've been awesome. I lost interest in the book and so many things and I have been dealing with many problems including two family crisis's and my health physically and mentally. I'll try and attempt at making a new book that I know I will stick to for more than 2 chapters ,but until then I am sorry
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