Locked In

Alex is a shy,16 year old girl, from Detroit,Michigan. She is having to face the difficulties of her past and the extreme bullying from her new school in Petosky,Michigan. Bryn is 16 and is considered a loner. When Bryn and Alex accidentally meet in an abandoned and locked school, they will have to find a way out with out the use of a phone or internet.


2. Diary entry 1

Dear diary,                                                                                            March first,2018
                   I am currently wondering why my mother decided to hang herself 4 years ago. Was it because of me? Or was it because of dad leaving us for a 23 year old stripper named Sugar? I don't know anymore. Why did she have to die....
         Yesterday was awful I mean now i'm broke,my phone is broken, and now my books are ruined, how come she does this to me only? Am I really weak or am I just an easy target? Hopefully, today will be better. Mrs.Warner and her husband are arguing in the kitchen about the electric bill and me.

        I wish they would just stop and forget I was alive.

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