Imagine [(Newt)(TMR)]

The reader is the only girl in the glade, and of course all the guys are after her. But to Newt and the reader's surprise, the reader finds herself having feelings for Newt.


1. The Start of Us


    Being the only girl in the glade is hard. I get the most attention, which I hate, almost all the guys are trying to “get to know me”, and I have no one to talk to about my “girl problems”. At least I’m not the greenie anymore. A new guy arrived in the box yesterday. I can’t remember his name. His arrival made me feel a lot better about mine, though. He will definitely never live down his child-like yelp.But I do look forward to some things like bonfires, running in the maze, and most importantly, sleep. Since I am the only girl, Alby said that it would be best if I had my own sleeping quarters.

    Now I sit on a log in front of the bonfire. All of the guys around me are cuttin’ up and pickin’ fun at one another; meanwhile, I sit quietly and watch the chaos unfold. All of a sudden, I feel someone tap my shoulder and say my name.

    I turn around to see a nervous Newt. “Yes?”

    “Do you wanna- uh- take a walk?” Newt asks, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously.

    “Sure.” I reply, standing up, stepping over the log, and following Newt away from the fire. He leads me towards the Deadheads where we both take a seat on the grass-covered ground. I can tell that he’s nervous about something, so I try to take the edge off things. I lean back on my hands with my legs crossed. “It’s so pretty out tonight. You can see all the stars,” I admire while gazing up at the starlit sky.

    Newt follows my stare up at the sky. “This is the clearest and brightest I think I’ve ever seen it.”

    I break away from my trance to look at the now not-so-nervous Newt, but he doesn’t move an inch.

    “Whoa, look! A shooting star!” Newt points his index finger at the sky.

    I quickly advert my attention from Newt to the streak of light moving across the sky. My jaw drops. “Oh, wow.”

    This time, Newt looks at me. “Ya know, you’re supposed to make a wish.”

    I lower my head, close my eyes, and make a wish. When I open my eyes, Newt is smiling and staring at me. I feel my cheeks turn red and I giggle a little.

    “Oh, sorry.” Newt finally speaks. “What did you wish for?”

    “Can’t tell. What about you? What did you wish for?”

    “It already came true.”

    I gasp, then smile.

    “Can- can I…,” Newt pauses and swallows. “Kiss you?”

    I smile, look down, and blush even harder than before. Looking back up I say, “Sure.”

    Newt’s smile fades and he starts leaning towards me.

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