The Prince Of The Past

A Prince who lost his kingdom and now finds a life of bounty hunting to live


1. The Journey Begins

A kingdom far away There was a king and queen who had a prince, when he turned 17 his parents left the thrown and disappeared off the face of the earth, he was forced to rule a kingdom on his own He was always busy, one night he couldnt sleep, he wondered to his thrown to find a wolf like human siting on his thrown She jumped off when he saw her and she run off, of course his curiosity made him follow to the woods and to a rock formation When he stepped into the formation he felt a instant rush of power He woke up still surrounded by rocks and this wolf girl was staring at him, she giggles at him and hides behind a rock His stands up looks at him self to see power pulsing from his hands, he realizes its morning and runs back to his castle only to realize its in ruins He feels crushed inside to realize he has been asleep for many years He runs back into the woods to find this girl who he had chased She sneaks up be hind him and pokes him, he spins around only to find nothing she falls from a tree a bit and pokes him yet again He still isnt able to find her till she hugs him He grabs her arm and pulls her in front of him, and pushes her against a tree he says in a very upset voice “Who are you and why is my kingdom destroyed, why were you in my thrown chair” She disappears into dust and reappears beside him “i am no one but a spirit of the forest, your kingdom as you call it was attacked but you fell asleep out her for years, only because you were curious in me” she says very sly He is out raged and tires to take it out on the spirit but she easily defeats him “Why must you try to hurt me when i gave you power” she asks with a sad tone “Because i have lost everything” he says with tears, she helps him up and then runs off beckoning him to follow her Of course he thinks about it before following her She leads him to a village “start from the bottom and work up, you were given a life not allow to make your own” She says with a sincere tone He looks somewhat sad as he walks away into the town As he walks through the town he feels so out of place. He realizes he has been given a chance to be someone new, he becomes a bounty hunter.

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