Sector 2

Jess Whales thought she had Hell all figured out. She had her condo, her daily routine, her best friend, and her knowledge of the place. She knew not to venture to Sector 4, where the evilest of the evil resided. She mostly ignored Sector 2, where the people who were good (but not good enough) lived. Sector 1, where the crème de la crème resided, was completely out of reach. She was fine in Sector 3. Hell, she'd even come to like it.

That is, until Jeremiah Williams showed up. She's never expected to have to think about him again, much less show him around his Afterlife. She hadn't given him a second thought since she left home, her sophomore year of high school.

Yet, there he was. And there she was. And she knew that there was no way in Hell their encounter would end without heartbreak of some shape or form.

***Note: If you couldn't tell by the fact that I'm writing a story literally set in Hell, there WILL be language in this story. Don't say I didn't want you.


1. Death for Dummies: Introduction

I gaped at the book that was being handed to me by a stranger. Henry Brooks, he'd called himself. I'd introduced myself as, simply, Jess. Why does he have to know my real name? I sure as hell don't know who he is, where I am, or what the hell's going on. I'm not going to ask, though. After being escorted by a wordless companion to my condo, I'd sat myself down on my front steps and watched passing people. I wondered where they were going, where they came from, and who the hell they were. 

Brooks must've seen the confused look on my face as he was passing by to his next door cabin. He'd introduced himself, shaking my hand, and then told me to wait where I was. That immediately ticked me off; I'd been sitting there for over an hour. Why'd he think I was going to move anytime soon? He came back and handed me a book, titled "Death for Dummies." 

Yep, that about brings us to the present. "Are you serious?" I ask, glaring down at the book with a disgusted expression and raised eyebrows. "A fucking owner's manual?" 

He shrugs, a smug look on his face. "That's what I got when I got here." 

I frown. "Where the hell is here?" 

He smirks. "You just said it. We're in Hell, babe." 

"Don't call me babe. What do you mean, we're in Hell?" 

"I mean exactly what I mean. Read the book. I'm right next door, holler if you have a question."

He turns on his heel, winks at me, and heads back to his condo. 

I'd glared at him. The nerve he has! I storm inside, book in hand. 

I turned on a light, looking around the place. It's sparsely furnished, with an empty refrigerator and empty closet. I sigh and settle down on a leather armchair, opening the book to the first chapter. 

Chapter 1: You Are In Hell. Get Used To It. 

Seriously? This is a book? I roll my eyes and keep reading. 

You, my friend, have made it to the afterlife! If you're reading this version of the book, you must be in Sector 3. The volume of your book will correspond with your appropriate Sector

I check the binding of the book; Death for Dummies, Volume III

Imagine a spectrum, with the evilest of evil on one end, and the crème de la crème on the other end. By walking down Main Street, you could, hypothetically, get from one end of the spectrum to the other. Which spectrums are allowed to go where will be covered in Chapter 3. 

The spectrum is divided into four Sectors; Sector IV is the furthest to the left of the spectrum. Direction-wise, Sector IV is the furthest to the south. Next up is Sector III. That's you! You're in the second worst Sector. Next comes Sector II, and then Sector I. Sector I is the best; the best people, the best at everything. The best Sector to be in. If you'd like to get to Sector I, reincarnation will be covered in Chapter 7. 

It is possible to transfer Sectors, but only in particular conditions. Sector transferring will be covered in Chapter 4. 

I sigh. When will we actually get to any of the important information? For example, what happens in Sector 3? What even is Sector 3? Why am I here? I roll my eyes and keep reading. 

In our next chapter, we will discuss possible reasons why you're here. 

Huh. Guess that answers my question. I turn the page. 

Chapter 2: Why You're Here. 

Let's find out what the hell I did in life to get sent to Hell. 

You're in Sector 3. You're not bad enough to be damned to eternal Hell, but you're not good either. Basically, any minor criminals as well as just plain bitches can end up here. Here's a list of things that, if you did in your life, would land you here. 


-Animal Abuse

-Backstabbing (of any kind) 

-Too much lying (big lies, not the 'Yes, mom, I'm doing my homework' lies)

-Being a traitor

-Robberies of less than One Million USD

-any non-violent crimes

-Running away from home

-Just being a bitch, in general

-Being a player

-Being a whore


Well, check three off the list for me. I keep reading. 

Chapter 3: Where You Can Go.

You are in Sector III, which means you are allowed to visit Sector IV. You are not allowed to cross the center line; doing so is not physically possible due to a force field. Don't ask how it works. I'm not really sure. All I know is, you try to cross the line, it hurts. Bad. 

Just for reference, Sector IV cannot leave their Sector. Sector II can go to Sector I or Sector III. Sector I can go anywhere. 

This is going to be a long night of reading. 


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