pretty little liars

The girls meet in preschool will they be friends all they life.


2. The girls get ready for the sleepover

Aria pov:

Hey girls do you want to come to my house for a sleepover?​"yes me and my twin sister heather will be there we have to ask my mom"Hanna said OK I hope she said yes "I will ask my mom if I can stay at your house."Spencer and emily said. "I will have to see what my mom said to"said Alison I have to ask my mom first than I will have my mom call your guys mom OK. School was over I ran outside with all my new friends than I saw my mom I ran to the car open the car door.My can I you something?"Yes you can sweetie are you OK did you get hurt?"said Ella Mom can my new friends have a sleepover today at are house and yes i am ok."yes you can have a sleepover at are house but you girls have to be good OK."said Ella When we got home I ran up to my room and I had to get it clean up for the sleepover today.I yall down to my mom thank mom I love you."I love to sweetie."

Alison pov:

My friends ask me if I can stay the night at her house can I plz?"Yes you can you have to ask your dad to OK but i said you can."Said Jessica Dilaurenitis. OK mom do you when dad at?"I think he in the bedroom?Said Jessica Dilaurentis. OK I will look in the bedroom. "Hey dad mom said it was Ok but she ask me to ask you if I stay the night at my friends house?"I ran up to my room I got my clothes pack up. Mom I am ready "OK sweetie I am ready to bring you."My mom just drop me up and i knock on the door and than Aria open

Hanna pov:

Me and Heather we made group of friends and they ask me and Heather to stay at one of the house her name is Aria."Yes you can stay the night at her house."Said Ashley Marin  OK mom me and my sister heather ran upstairs and pack your clothes for the sleep over."thank you Hanna you make me the happiest person on the earth."said Hanna.

OK mom we are right. We got in the car and my mom drove us to Aria house and than I knock on her door and she let us came in.

Emily pov:

Hey mom. can I stay the night at my new friends house Aria there are going to be a group of girls."Yes you can stay the night at her house." Ya I love you mom."I love you to Emily."said Pam I ran up to my room and pack my clothes.  I got in the my mom toke me over and I knock on my door.Aria open the door.

Spencer pov

Hey mom can I stay the night at my friends house Aria."Yes you can Spencer just be good."said Veronica Hastings. 

I ran to my room and pack up my clothes for tonight.My mom brought me to Aria's house and then I knocked on the door and Aria answered.I go to come in.



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