pretty little liars

The girls meet in preschool will they be friends all they life.


1. The day the girls meet

    Aria pov:

"time to get up for your first day of school your first day of preschool you can make new friends"said Ella I got out the car and yell at my mom and said I love you. "I love to sweetie be good and make some friends"said Ella. OK mom I will be good my I am always good. I walk into the classroom and I siting at the desk waiting for the other kids to get to the classroom than a other girls walk in she as blonde hair and blue eyes.

Alison pov:

I walked into my classroom and I saw this most pretty girl that I every saw in my life she as brown hair.I ask if I can sit by her.May i sit by you?"yes you may sit by me."said Aria. I had a sit by her and then two other girls came in.

Hey come sit by us girls my name is Alison and this is my new friend Aria what your names?"My name is Hanna and this is my twin sister name Heather."said Hanna. 

Hanna pov:

Me and my twin sister Heather came in the room and some girls name Alison and Aria.We walk to the table and sat down. Is the class about to I ask. How many people are in this class I wondered."I hope we meet other people and make new friends."said Heather 

 Heather pov:

I sat by my sister and our new friends.I hope we will be friends for life.

Spencer pov:

I walk in to the classroom and i sat with a group of girls that seating at a blue table and we talk about what we should do at recess we should play hide and seek or play tag.

Emily pov:

I walk into my new school my older sister Lillian walk me to my preschool class and than I walk into my classroom I sat with a group of girls that siting at the blue table.I said I love you sissy."I love you to emmy." 

PLZ give me Ideas for my next chapter thank you.

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