Tigers At Bay

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 2 Mar 2018
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Tigris was named after the river. He was named Tigris because he was swift and agile. One day, the clan got ruled by another clan, The Jagua. The Jagua were jaguars that were ruthless and powerful. Will Tigris find a way to get their land back?


1. Uproar

     I was walking through the forest to go to the palace. When I reached it, I saw jaguars roaming the area. What happened to the tiger soldiers? I thought. I raced up the path and hid behind a rock. Then I felt a paw slam down on my head and it was total blackness. 

     When I woke up, I was tied in ropes and kneeling in front of King Jacquar, the king of the jaguar clan. 

     He said sharply, "I, as the king of The Jagua, will pronounce this puny little tiger as a peasant. SOLDIERS! Find all the others and bring them to me. NOW!"

     "Sir, yes sir!" They replied.

     They hurried out of the room with their armor clanking and weighing then down. I was angry at what he did. I scowled at him. King Jacquar got off the throne, and pawed me across the face ten times. I lay on the carpet, dazed. He laughed and kicked be in the stomach ten times as well. I winced and rolled over coughing and sputtering.

     King Jacquar asked, "What's your name, boy? If you don't tell me, I'll force you to tell me!" as he sheathed his claws.

     I shook my head no vigorously and he slashed me across my face. I rolled over and blood was dripping from the side of my face.

     I shuddered and said in pain, "My name is Tigris and one day........just one day.........The Tiga will destroy you!"

     King Jacquar looked at me and smiled. He lifted my chin and stared me in the eye. I growled and tried to bite him. King Jacquar dodged and slashed me on the stomach. The pain was indescribable. I lay on the carpet, wincing when two soldiers came back looking alert.

     One soldier said, "Sir! The Tiga has fled. Shall we chase after them?"

     King Jacquar replied, "You two stay here and let the other soldiers do what they know I want them to do. You two, watch Tigris here. I'll be going to check out the rooms in this palace."

     The soldiers got a chain and tied be up to a post. They tied the chains tight around my stomach and paws. I yowled in pain because the chains were making my stomach bleed more. I bit the chains and looked at the jaguars menacingly. They grabbed another chain and wrapped it around my snout. I struggled to get out. They stood guard next to me when a tiger burst in through the doors and knocked them out. She then untied me quickly. She told me to run to the edge of the river and meet her there. I did as I was told because I didn't want to die. I put a paw to my stomach and winced again. I wiped my paw on the side of my face where it was bloody. I fell to the ground in pain. When the mysterious tiger came back, I looked up without lifting my head because it hurt. 

     She ran toward me and said, "You okay? I have some cloth and medicine for you that I stole from the castle."

     I nodded and I stared at her. I thought Have I met her before? She looks so familiar but I just can't grasp it. 

     She said, "My name is Clawdia. I think we have met before."

     I thought back and I remembered. She was the one who saved me from falling off a cliff and now she is saving me again from the dangerous King Jacquar. Then Clawdia carried me to a cave behind the waterfall and she lay me down.


We heard a ferocious roar that was from King Jacquar. Then I fainted because of the pain.



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