Tigers At Bay

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 2 Mar 2018
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Tigris was named after the river. He was named Tigris because he was swift and agile. One day, the clan got ruled by another clan, The Jagua. The Jagua were jaguars that were ruthless and powerful. Will Tigris find a way to get their land back?


3. Through The Iron Door

     I gnawed through the food and then I heard a yowl and a screech. I realized it was the jaguar from before. I wanted to check out what happened. I pawed the iron door twice and a guard appeared, looking through a slat at the iron door. 

     The guard asked menacingly, "What do you want?"

     I was going to answer but King Saber came and answered instead, "He probably wants to see what the jaguar is up to. Let him in. He will interrogate the jaguar."

     I heard a CLUNK! of twelve locks unlocking. Then the door swung open and I went in. Before I followed the guard and King Saber, I looked out of the slat and saw Claudia snoozing. I saw she was okay so I followed the guard out to the dungeon. I looked around as I padded through the hallway. The hallway was long. Longer than I might have visualized it. King Saber led the way to the dungeon. I never knew you could put a flight of stairs in a cave but he did anyway. King Saber then pressed a button on the wall and the door to the staircase led down to a chamber. King Saber told his soldiers to stand guard out here and he led me down to the dungeon gates. 

     I asked, "Are we going to interrogate the jaguar?"

     King Saber replied, "Not me, but you. remember what I said back up there? There's guards in the room that is watching the jaguar's every move so you'll be fine. The numbers scratched next to the doors until it says D16. It should be at your right. Good luck, buddy! And don't forget about the training later! Claudia will lead you there," King Saber strode away back up to the stairs and left me there, alone. 

     I walked down the corridor and looked at every number I passed and finally, I found C16 on my right in the middle of the corridor. I pawed the door three times, when a guard opened the door.

     The guard said in a gravelly voice, "We've been informed that you'll come so we've been waiting for you. Come in." He gestured toward the room with his front paw.

     I stalked in and I saw the jaguar. He was chained from head to paws. Well, his neck was chained, coiling around his paws like a spiral staircase that I walked down with King Saber. The jaguar yelped and yowled. He growled at me when I came close. He tried to paw me and bite me but all he could do was snarl and open and close his mouth. 

     I walked closer to the jaguar and pawed him across the muzzle, unsheathing my claws. The jaguar would whimper in pain. He tried to plead with me but I held a straight face.

     I said in a serious tone, "Don't mess with the tigers or you'll get more hurt. So, how did you find us here? Tell me or you'll get more of the claws!" I sharpened then on the hard, stone floor. 

     The jaguar replied, "I'll never tell you anything! I'm loyal to King Jacquar! One day, he'll be king of Predator Forest!"

     The guards would push the jaguar back as the jaguar headbutted me onto the ground. I slashed his muzzle at the same spot. The jaguar yowled in pain.

     I said, in a calm and serious tone, "Don't do that to your interrogator and don't mess with the tigers. Unless you want me to scratch up your whole body. This is not my full strength." I flexed my muscles and spat into the jaguar's eye which made him shake his whole head.

     The jaguar said desperately, "Fine! I'll tell you! Just release me!"

     I spat some more and said in a menacing tone, "You would just go and tell King Jacquar what you saw today. We have to brainwash you before you leave! Now tell me!" I pawed the ground hard, creating a crack in the stone.

     The jaguar said, "Fine. King Jacquar told me to find you guys and I searched everywhere except in the waterfall, so I jumped in and found you two huddled in two huddle in the corner and I thought I hit jackpot when you woke up and pounced on me and the guards took me down here. There. You happy?"

     I said, "Yes. I'm satisfied but not happy. Now, tell me everything about King Jacquar! Also, tell me your name."

     The jaguar hissed at me, "My name's Jag! Second heir to the throne! I am King Jacquar's second son and he wants me his heir. Not my brother, Scrag. And I will never tell you the secrets of King Jacquar!"

     I stamped the floor once again and huffed, "You will do as I say!" I slapped the jaguar on the other side of the muzzle, hard, and the jaguar fell to the floor. "Unless you don't want any food or water for two days or maybe more."

     Jag roared, "Fine! I don't want to die but I know I will anyways but I'm saving time. So, I'll tell you. King Jacquar wants to rule the lands of Predator Forest. He wants to kill every single one of your species in this forest or make you guys his peasants. He's getting stronger and stronger everyday and so are you guys. That's all I can tell you. Dad never tells anyone the good stuff like his plans and things like that."

     I sheathed my claws and told the guards, "Bring him food, please. I don't want him to starve." I walked out of the door as the guards took a box of food from the opposite corner of where Jag was huddled and the tossed him bits of food as Jag gobbled it up.

     I pounced back up the staircase and met King Saber. I was going to have a long talk with him.


Hey guys! Sorry I forgot to upload in so long! I was just busy or too lazy to get on here that much. Thanks for reading this though! I hope I get a lot of comments and likes! 

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