Tigers At Bay

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  • Published: 21 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 2 Mar 2018
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Tigris was named after the river. He was named Tigris because he was swift and agile. One day, the clan got ruled by another clan, The Jagua. The Jagua were jaguars that were ruthless and powerful. Will Tigris find a way to get their land back?


2. The Tiga

     When I woke up, the smell of herbs hit me. I looked around the cave and saw Clawdia asleep on the floor next to me. I carried her gently and put her on a bed of hay. I then found some leaves and I put the leaves together and draped it over Clawdia. The smell of herbs has faded. I looked down and saw that my wound was almost healed. I touched the side of my face and it was healing quickly but I'll have a scar. Clawdia rolled over and I heard grunts from outside. I quickly woke up Clawdia.

     I whispered, "Clawdia! Wake up! I hear grunting! Come on and let's have a look!"

     Clawdia opened her eyes and said sleepily, "Huh? What?!?"

     I grabbed Clawdia and we looked out of the cave. I saw our clan walking through the trees toward the waterfall. I asked Clawdia why they were here and she told me this was the hideout for the clan. I nodded and trotted out to greet them. Our clan leader, Saber, came up to me and I bowed. He nodded his head and told the clan to go in behind the waterfall. I followed behind when I felt a pain in the chest. I looked back and noticed a jaguar pinning me down and a paw on my chest and wound. I yowled and I kicked the jaguar backwards into a bush. I clutched my wound but I pounced after the jaguar not wanting him to expose our hideout. A guard protecting the outskirts of the waterfall ran after me and helped me bring the jaguar in.

     When the jaguar saw everyone huddled in the cave, he yowled and screeched. Saber told the guard to make him faint and chain him up in the cave dungeon. The guard nodded and he gagged the jaguar, chained his arms and legs, and dragged him across the floor through the door beyond. I didn't know what to do at that moment. All I knew was that our clan, The Tiga, will hide in here until further notice. 

     King Saber looked up at me and said, "You okay? You look like you have been wounded by The Jagua. Would you like some medication??

     I said, "No thank you, sir. Clawdia will help me with my wounds sir."

     King Saber nodded and he swept away with his soldiers through the iron door next to the door his soldier dragged the jaguar to. When they went through, I looked around and noticed Clawdia gnawing on a bone. 

     I asked Clawdia, "Where did you get that?"

     Clawdia replied with her jaws still gnashing the bone, "We.... have a stash.... here ....through the door."

     I asked, "Which door? There is an iron door and here is a stone door."

     Clawdia pointed to the stone door and continued to gnash the bone. I pushed through the door and I was in a long hallway. I looked around the hallway and found a row of stone doors ending with an iron door like the one that was near the entrance. Sniffing, I found a door to my left that smelled like cow meat, pig meat, horse meat, and many more. On the door to my right, I smelled leftovers of the meat and bones for snacks. I pushed my way in to the door to my right because I knew it was disrespectful to eat full meals in the middle of the day. I had to wait for dinner before I could feast on the meat so I grabbed a bone and a leftover piece of meat and dragged it all the way over to Clawdia. I dropped them down and began to eat. Boy, I was hungry!


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