Terry has been cursed and the first person affected was his best friend. After being hit by a car, his curse is dormant until he leaves the hospital. Then everything begins.


10. Chapter 9

I got off the bus and walked around the backside of my school. I noticed a mountain of deceased bodies. The stench of the corpses ran through my nose.

I backed up and bumped into someone.

“You…Terry?” Mary asked.

Well would you look at this?

“Mary! I found a way to stop the calamity. I need to…” I paused.

She placed her hand on my shoulder, “I know what we have to do. We need a person to help us in order to sacrifice them.”

I thought for a moment. The school seems to be going into shock at the moment so nobody is going to be here. There is a local recreational area where we can find some people to partake in this event.

“Alright I know who we can do this on, but first we need to get my mother.” I said.

“Your mother?” Mary asked.

I nodded.

We ran to the main gates of the school. Looking both ways we crossed the street making that step pretty easy honestly.

A phone in my pocket rang.

Picking it up I said, “Hello?”

“You are going to die today. Don’t go home.” The phone hung up without another word about it.

Mary looked at me with a puzzled face, “What did he mean by ‘today’?”

Was that phone call some sort of trick?

I started to run. I crashed over myself until finally making it to the house.

I walked up the steps to the porch. I looked awkwardly at the door. There was a different feeling about coming home. The feeling was pain and suffering of some sort.

Why? Why am I feeling this feeling I am feeling?

“Something seems wrong.” Mary said.

“Yeah, I feel that too.” I replied.

She grabbed my shirt tugging at it, “Come on, and lets go.”

Upon turning around Danielle and Lucy were there with guns pointed towards us. They focused their attention on me. The muzzles on the guns were blocked with a shirt tied on it.

“Don’t move another step. If you do we will have to result to violence and none of us want that.” Danielle threatened us.

         What’s with the sudden attitude and aggressiveness?

I peeked around the area looking for an excuse. There were a couple of rocks on this porch but I would get shot. I could definitely run inside the house within a moment. I need to now find a moment in which they aren’t looking.

“What’re you thinking? This silence is too much for just being afraid.” Lucy Informed.

I scoffed, “Then do something already! If you’re going to take the shot, then fucking do it already!”

The guns were cocked, “Don’t think for a second we wont shoot you!”

Ha! Step one complete, now I need them to look at each other for step two.

I stalked their eyes for a moment. I noticed only Lucy was nervous. Danielle held her ground and stared at me with an iron fist.

Mary locked her eyes on me wondering what I could be thinking. It was embarrassing to even notice.


I turned around and hauled inside the door. Mary followed behind sticking to me like a marshmallow treat. Bullets rained upon the door striking me in my torso. I dropped to the ground holding the wound.

“Oh god! Oh God! What do I do?” Mary questioned.

I placed my hand on her, “Hide now!”

She ran from the main hallway and up the stairs making no sound whatsoever.

The two girls entered the door with their guns pointed at me. They seemed to notice the bullet wound and my suffering. I would take it that they are going to finish me off here.

What do I do? There is some wooden splinters on the ground near me but I feel to weak to grab them…I’m going to die aren’t I?

I felt an overwhelming sense of something floating over me. It was a person standing above me. Lucy and Danielle started to fire at it making the bullets fly right through it.

Lucy’s head burst into blood and brain. Her blood scattered all over the hallway painting the walls. The thing that was protecting me had the blood cover it making a somewhat human shape.

Danielle fired more rounds, “What the hell are you?”

Her arm flew off landing next to me. Her scream of pain shattered my ears. The deafening sound of death currently flooded my body. Danielle’s blood helped paint the picture that was the thing hovering above me.

I flipped over sitting up. I felt weaker than before. The bullet luckily went in and out. My blood didn’t pour out as much as I thought that it would.

I grabbed a wooden splinter from the ground and stood up. I walked past the ghost and in front of Danielle. I grabbed her neck violently and slammed her body against the hallway wall. I jabbed the wood into her stomach letting her notice the pain she caused me.

“You feel that? This is for everything that you put me through, the long and useless journey to tell me that I needed to kill someone…I hate you so much.” I boasted.

Tears ran down her face as she dropped lifelessly onto the ground.

I turned from the corpses and to the ghost.

“Who are you, and why did you help me?” I asked.

A female body seemed to become colored. It seems as though the color from her body was stolen from her and was waiting to be collected.

As her body took form I noticed something.

“What happened? Oh G—“ Mary paused and retched into a bucket.

This spirit that was following me was always there wasn’t it.

Why is she alive? More like how is she than why is she?

Her body was complete as she scanned me from top to bottom.

She embraced me.

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