Terry has been cursed and the first person affected was his best friend. After being hit by a car, his curse is dormant until he leaves the hospital. Then everything begins.


8. Chapter 7

As a child I lived a happy life. I played and enjoyed the presence of my mother. I never knew my father because he traveled a lot. I only had my mother and my imagination. I could make a character and a universe that surrounded it within a week.

I started school at the age of five. I was ambitious to make friends but ended up not making one. I didn’t actually make a friend until about second grade. A girl by the name of Elizabeth Myers found interest in my loneliness and followed me. She didn’t stop bothering me and forced herself into my life.

Elizabeth Myers was a bright and athletic girl. Guys were nearly dying at her feet as the years passed. For some reason she never tried any of them though, and every time I asked she would always say, “I would feel as though I'm abandoning you.” But I never believed her.

We had developed this strong bond between her and myself. She always came straight to me during recess and lunch. We were inseparable for years.

Then came fifth grade. That was the grade that a lot of females started to speak to me. This was the year that I was making friends like it were nothing. I had a lot of female friends for some reason. I gained this charm that allowed me to become friends with anyone that I met.

Elizabeth didn’t enjoy me having company because I was always alone with her before fifth grade. Whenever we hung out I told her of experiences I had with other people. There would be moments where she would attempt not to listen. She hated it. I was the only one who she would get close to and I didn’t know that I would be killing her slowly. Elizabeth never told me that I was the only one she loved to be with.

One day I found that she would never forgive me if I made any more friends. But like always I had to learn the hard way. Elizabeth began to tell me slowly that she hates me being around anyone else whether it is a male or female. It was when I began to infer her dominant love towards me. That one day though she came to me like a storm, as horrific as it was I took it, she beat me down and hurt me both physically and mentally. I believed that she didn’t want to care anymore or be around me. So after that day we stopped talking. I started to think about why she would assault me like she did. Ideas and thoughts fluttered into my mind making me believe things unethical.

I went to the roof a lot to draw my feelings. I started to forget her feelings and stop thinking about her altogether. I believe that this was the beginning to the calamity that begun. We literally stopped talking for most of the year. It seemed as though we just forgot about each other. I hated the thought of it but I guess it came naturally. I never thought that she cared anymore so I stopped looking and thinking about her altogether. We literally became complete strangers after the assault.

Later that year about close to June Elizabeth died. I couldn’t cry or feel anything though. I just thought, “She’s dead?” and nothing more. I could accept it with ease, which explains why I look at death so calmly. Going back over it destroys my heart. She’s gone though so there isn’t much I should mourn about.

As I’m gaining all this information about my past I am starting to understand. Elizabeth never wanted us to break apart. She never wanted me to gain friends so I wouldn’t be taken from her. It all is starting to make sense.

Suddenly I felt a warm and bright light from the room. I could see everything again. I remember my life again. I could remember who met from my past life. I guess I’ll call it my past life although it was before the accident two years ago.


“Terry? You went into shock where you were in a small unconscious state.” Carrie said. “It appears that you know something don’t you?”

I sat up. No one else was in the room besides Carrie and me.

“How can you tell?” I asked.

She walked next to me. Her face was overwhelmed with sorrow.

“You were whispering certain things.” She said.

I got up off the table and put on my sneakers. I looked around and found a fire axe.

I need to leave this place. I can’t stay here. I need to leave this place.

“What do you plan on doing with that?” Carrie asked.

“I won’t harm anyone.” I replied.

That wasn’t a promise.

I turned the doorknob but it was locked from the other side. I aligned the axe with the doorknob. Raising the axe I swung down hard breaking the knob off of the door. I opened the door and ran out.

I wasn’t at the mansion anymore. Instead it was a field of wheat in the middle of almost nowhere. The shed lit with fire.

“Carrie!” I called out.

She’s gone.

The shed exploded and sent me backwards. I landed on a street covered with vegetation. The street was broken and desolate. The yellow and white paint were slowly decaying.

I sat up. I buried my head in my arms and looked at the ground.

So let me get this all-straight right here. I awoke in hospital after a two-year recovery from a car crash. Upon coming home with Julie stuff began to go wrong. People were dying and all sorts of stuff. Then I met Mary and Danielle who were trying to get to know me, and both in their own ways. Then from there I was knocked out in my house and appeared on a train. From the train I fell asleep and appeared in a motel. Then I went to this mansion that I knew nothing about where I could be killed. I can’t say if this wheat field is real or not but it sure as hell feels like it.

I stood up and looked around.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!” I yelled to the sky.

I turned from the sky towards the war scene of a town. Rubble and blood covered the streets. I walked towards the front of the town. There was a sign that said ‘Helo’ but was pronounced ‘Halo’.

Where is this place?

I continued into the middle of the main street. There was a commotion occurring down the road towards the west wall. People were shouting and screaming at one another.

I walked up closer for investigation.

A man was lying down with his head trapped in a guillotine. He screamed and kicked for his life. The townspeople were not taking his side.

“You know what you have done! You will be punished permanently by the power of this town!” The man wielding the rope screamed.

The crowd seemed amused and fired up.

The giant blade fell down. The speed cut the air making a little white trail. The blade struck into and decapitated the man lying down. His blood splattered on the crowd and covered the wooden platform.

I backed away from the crowd and ran into a shop.

What will they do if they see an outsider?

I felt a strange force come over me. It was strong and persistent. Soon after feeling it, I began to float.

People entered the little shop I was in.

“Oh my gosh! Oh my! It’s a demon!” A woman pointed.

I crashed through the roof. I could see the sky turn black as I floated closer to the clouds.

What is happening?

I could see God reaching his hand out to me. His arm was old and wrinkly. He was what people said he would be. God was wearing a white cloth with long white bearded hair. His halo was glowing yellow.

“There are many questions that need to be answered now don’t they?” God asked.

I nodded.

“Now then. I must tell you that there is one way to stop what I caused.” He stopped.

I reached out to him, “What would that be?”

He stood up and walked next to me, “A sacrifice.”

I fell back through the clouds. I fell endlessly to the earth.

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