Terry has been cursed and the first person affected was his best friend. After being hit by a car, his curse is dormant until he leaves the hospital. Then everything begins.


5. Chapter 4

Lucy seemed mad at me. I would understand why too. I guess I have no choice but to make it up to her somehow.

“Lucy, I'm sorry about yesterday. It came up and I'm really sorry. I really wanted to taste how you cooked too! Tell me how I can make up for it.” I pleaded.

Lucy began thinking.

We walked into the main courtyard where I saw Roger. We haven’t conversed in a while and I wouldn’t guess why. I guess we both are busy with our own things.

Maybe I should talk to him later.

“Is she your girlfriend?” Lucy asked with a straight face.

I noticed her seriousness, the answer was clear anyway.

“No. What type of question is that? I don’t even know her to be honest.” I said.

“Then tell me…tell me what happened. Did she defile you in anyway?” Lucy interrogated.

I hesitated a moment.

“I guess she defiled me by kissing me. It was completely random and I had no say into it at all. But before that I was shopping and was pushed into her house on accident. Bikini wearing samba dancers pushed me inside actually. From there the girl started talking to me. She gave me a drink and left the room, which is where she called our mom. From there everything was out of my reach giving me nothing to control.” I explained.

I think I explained it good enough.

For a moment I think Lucy believed me. There isn’t any telling what these females can do but I guess I'm going to have go deal with it. I could feel a tension only when I was walking towards school. It was unpleasing and different than a normal.

I stopped abruptly and looked towards the sky. It was vast and unending, it reminded me of my mother for some reason. I guess it was the light blue color but then again it could be something different.


School ended early today.

I remembered what I needed to buy and I didn’t want to head past Danielle’s house. If I were to head around or maybe somewhere else to buy some school supplies I could escape Danielle in general.

“Hey Lucy want to come with me to Staples, I need to buy some supplies there.” I asked.

She nodded.

Leaving the school I noticed the black haired girl watching from the shadows. I grabbed Lucy’s hand and started to run. From behind I could see Danielle following closely.

Lucy stopped my abruptly. I tripped forwards landing on my back. I noticed something falling down but my vision was blurry.

I quickly rolled over out of the way. I looked back to see a giant sign just barely miss me and crash onto the ground. The pieces of glass and wooden shards just barely missed me.

I stood up to see Danielle standing over me. Her hand reached out. Behind her Lucy was standing and staring. Things happened so fast to the point that it felt slow.

“It’s beginning. Come with me!” Danielle said.

She pulled me from the ground. Her mother took me in her car as well as Lucy. The car was white but black on the inside with a clean but odd smell.

Danielle took Lucy and I both with her to her house.

I was forced into a chair with my hands trapped from leather belts. Obviously some trap in order for me to be ‘used’.

“What have you seen from the events of yesterday night and all throughout today? I need details Terry and nothing vague.” Danielle interrogated.

“Well personally I was trying to avoid you so I wouldn’t end up in this situation. I want to leave if you would let me.” I replied.

“You can’t leave. I told you that I am here to keep you from harm. Something might happen to you within the next hour so I have to keep you here.”


Lucy walked in the room suspiciously.

“The cops are outside investigating yet another disaster. This time was a billboard. There is a connection between these events. You, Terry, seem to be the cause of some of the events. If you aren’t causing them then you might be connected but then again it could be very coincidental..” Lucy added.

I squirmed a moment before processing what she just told me.

If I were connected to the deaths then there would be a reason behind it. I couldn’t just walk the halls or streets and just murder people because I'm there. It doesn’t seem realistic if that were the case. What does seem realistic is if it were some sort of thing that occurred in this town. I guess like a natural disaster but within humans. Maybe I'm just thinking too much into this and I could be lying.

“Can you get me out of these leather belts?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. I just added that for effect.” Danielle smiled.

She unlatched the leather belts. I stood up from the chair and moved over to the door. It was unlocked. Thankfully I wasn’t restricted to just staying into the room.

The only way for me to know if I will die when leaving is to try it out. But there would need to be precautions. How would I prepare myself for something I don’t know about? I guess it’s just to go Rambo and test my luck now wouldn’t I? There is only one way to actually test it.

I walked out of the door. I checked out of the window to see cops outside checking out the billboard accident. A man arose from the wreckage just barely alive. Now it was my turn to escape death. Everyone surrounded him in joy.

All right to do this, I would need to escape the two females currently ‘protecting me’.

“Where do you think you're going?” Lucy asked.

“I have to test this out. It’s simply put as a test of luck. If I die then I'm not the curse, if I don’t die then I could be attached to the deaths. But we can’t just think that I'm attached, there are many more people that could be as well.” I said.

They looked at each other. For a moment they were whispering among themselves. Soon after they left the room I decided to take this moment to go outside. It was cold and bitter on the street. There weren’t any people on the street as there were before.

I walked slowly down the street looking at every building that would’ve had people shopping inside of it. I felt so alone just standing in the middle of the abandoned area. I couldn’t even see foliage that used to swarm the place. Although this is my second time being here I remember a lot. Towards the hotdog stand there was a fortuneteller standing with a purple crystal ball. Across from them were common toys and cheap candies.

I stopped walking once I reached the end of the street. I looked back and saw a man standing still. There was a knife in his left hand. His eyes were bloodshot with a blank and menacing stare. There was nothing pleasant about this guy.

He started to walk towards me. It was slow and sloppy. He nearly tumbled over everything that wasn’t even near him. It sounds impossible but I can’t really lie about a guy charging me slowly with a knife.

He stumbled over the hotdog stand. The support broke in half and impaled his torso. He gasped for air while spitting blood. It was a disturbing sight.

Why don’t I feel sorrow?

“Are you alright? I heard some—“ Lucy paused.

She put her hand over her mouth. She was clearly startled.

I walked closer to the dead body. The closer I got I could see more detail. I thought it was a simple piercing. The man’s ribcage was broken and scattered into multiple important organs. His entire torso was a giant hole that spewed out blood.

I backed away from Lucy.

I just thought about something. Why would they go through the trouble of “protecting” me if I could be the reason of all of this? Hell they even said so themselves.

I turned from her and began running. I ran and didn’t stop. I skipped over streets and backyards eventually making it to a small park. I sat down on a swing set and took a moment to breathe. I am almost positive I can’t trust them now. It would be a while to regain some sort of trust.

What if they are trying to prevent my death and save me from others killing me? Why would they do all this work protecting me if I don’t know them?

I stood up from the swing set and walked to the main road. I wasn’t too far from home luckily.

I guess that I should head home. I would just need to stay away from Lucy. That is all I have to do in order to keep myself sane. I will figure out what is happening, even if I have to do it myself.

At home I was alone. It was quiet and disturbingly lonely. But I was lucky that Lucy didn’t beat me here.

If she knows me then she would know that I would come here. It’s the only safe haven I know as of this current moment. There is another place that I can remember but its faint. I can only remember bits and pieces of the place itself and not on how to get there.

I felt a shiver go up my spine. Some one was watching me, or at least I could feel someone doing so.

Actually come to think of it, I can’t really remember a lot of things. My childhood seems to have been taken from me as a result of the accident.

Someone rang the doorbell.

Oh shit.

I headed over towards the door and looked through the peephole. Standing at the door impatiently was Danielle. I guess she knew that I might be here.

“Open the door! I know you’re in there! I’m just worried about your well being.” She yelled through the doors.

“Go away! You are the ones that are trying to kill me aren’t you? Just say it already!” I said screaming back at her.

She stopped talking. I was curious and checked the peephole again. Tears were flowing down her eyes. I backed away from the door.

No doubt about it that she is going against me. There was a certain look I got when I first met her that gave me that thought.

I heard a dropping sound. It was distinctive of a body dropping. I can only know it so well anyway considering the circumstances.

I walked back to the peephole and looked again. Danielle wasn’t there. I took a couple of steps away from the door. I turned around and headed upstairs into my room. I locked the door and closed the windows. I curled up onto my bed and covered myself with my blanket. I rocked back and forth in fear.

“Why is this happening? Why is this happening?” I repeated to myself.

Rain started to suddenly pour from the skies.

I heard the door downstairs open and close. Heavy footsteps roamed the hallway near my room. It was slow and steady. Chills ran up my spine again.

I heard a knock on the door.


I held my mouth closed using my hands. I flattened myself under the bed and fixed my eyes on the door. There were three knocks before a stop. Then a forced opening sent me to knock my head on the bed. The woman walked to my bed and ducked to look under. It was just Julie.

“Why’re you under your bed?” She asked.

Good question.

“There’s no particular reason. You just frightened me a little bit.” I said.

“Well okay. You should sleep though. You have school tomorrow.”

I nodded.

I got out from under the bed. Lucy still hadn’t come home yet.

That right there was suspicious within it. There’s no telling what she is capable of, especially since I'm forced to live with her. My mother shouldn’t have gone that day. Then I wouldn’t have to go through this. I would be laying next to her while she watched television.

I sat down on my bed and looked at the door. There was light emitting from the bottom of the door. A second shadow blocked some of the light. Then a man burst through the door.

“You did this to me, you deserve death!” he screamed at me.

The man ran at me with a metal bat. He swung hard making me duck under his attack. He struck my mirror breaking it to pieces. I tackled him to the ground and pinned his arms. The bat flew from his grasp. I punched him twice in his face.

I crawled away from him and towards the bat. I picked it up and swung at him. I struck his arm making it go limp for a minuet. He grabbed me by the neck and slammed me against my wall. He chocked me while slamming me fiercely against the wall. Lucy stormed inside my room with a knife. She struck the man in the back. He yelled in pain and backhanded her. She fell to the ground.

How the hell did this guy get in? Wasn’t Julie standing around? Where did he come from?

I swung the bat striking him on the head. He fell unconscious to the ground. Lucy walked over to me.

“Why did you run? You see what could have happened to you? Jesus why can’t you understand the situation?” Lucy yelled.

I looked at her dumbfounded by her words.

I still don’t know what she is talking about.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“People are dying because of you. You are the main reason that makes people die. Don’t you get it? Everywhere you go death follows!”

She said it…I have to die now don’t I?

I backed away from her. I tightened my grip on the bat. She turned around looking at the man on the ground.

I raised the bat over my head. I swung down on her. The metal shook into my hands and throughout my body. Lucy fell to the ground unconscious and unharmed.

I ran out of the room but Danielle was in my way. She stood at the door with a knife in her hands. She swung down at me cutting my arm. I fell and knocked my head on the ground.

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