Terry has been cursed and the first person affected was his best friend. After being hit by a car, his curse is dormant until he leaves the hospital. Then everything begins.


4. Chapter 3

I exited the classroom with Lucy. She was less interactive today, probably about what happened yesterday night.

I guess I should start a conversation this time.

“So whatcha going to buy for lunch today?” I asked.

She then became a little better by me starting a conversation.

“Probably the same as yesterday. Pasta with a side salad.” She replied.

We then passed by Mary who joined in the walk to the lunchroom. It seemed as though they have made a friendship, there wasn’t a confrontation between the two.

I think it could be smooth sailing from here. I shouldn’t get ahead of myself just yet.

We bought our food and sat down. There was etiquette today like no other.

Shoving a forkful of salad in my face Lucy said, ”You’ve been slacking on your diet you know. You should eat more fruits and vegetables.”

I accepted the salad although I didn’t need to be babied about it. Afterwards, I continued my own meal and listened to the sweet bliss of silence. They did talk don’t get me wrong but it wasn’t anything insulting or bad. The ones who bumped heads now enjoyed their time and gossiped.

^After School^

I started to walk home with Lucy before thinking of something.

I want to head to the shopping district. In the shopping district there were things I wanted to look at.

“Hey Lucy you head home without me, I'm gonna head to the shopping district for a bit.” I said.

“Alright but don’t come home late, I’m cooking tonight and I want your opinion.” She replied.

We walked our separate paths to different places.

Upon exiting the school grounds I felt a bit safer.

I guess it could be my imagination though.

I walked down the long road keeping a steady pace. Of course I'm sure that I shouldn’t stay out too long anyway. I heard some running behind me. It wasn’t a female because there were some heavy stomps and there isn’t any female I've seen to have such large footsteps.

“Hey! Wait up a moment.” The man said.

I turned around to see a bearded guy in a trench coat.

“Oh my bad man. Wrong person.” He apologized.

The man kept running ahead of me. I felt something wrong about him. He looked worried as hell.

Making it finally to the shopping street, literally that is the streets name. There was a sea of civilians that flooded the entire street. Loud and vibrant colors and music paraded around the block. There was no end to the amounts of fun that everyone expressed.

It was something different aside from the deaths occurring in the school. Kids played and adults laughed. This was the place to be whenever you felt down.

I traversed passed groups and waves of people. Green bikini wearing samba dancers knocked me from the street into a building. The door shut close and locked me inside.

“Oh no. Damn it!” I said trying to open the door.

“Stop. There isn’t any point as to trying something that wont work.” A female said.

I turned from the door and looked at the woman. She had my schools’ uniform. It seemed as though she knew a lot of this building by how strongly she said it.

“Welcome to my home Terry.” She said.

I took a good look at the place to see that it wasn’t really a home.

“Well not down here, upstairs. Would you like something to drink?” Her head tilted slightly in curiosity.

“Uh…” I couldn’t form words.

She giggled and turned around. She walked up a couple of stairs and turned around looking at me.

Egging me on she said, “Come on.”

I walked slowly and carefully that I wasn’t being talked into some sort of death trap. It seems illogical but anything is possible. As I followed her into the second floor the noise from outside felt distorted and muffled.

The mysterious girl was sitting in a chair by a table waiting for me to sit down. The downstairs was unpleasing and storage-like but the upstairs was more modern and clean.

“So…um, I’m confused.” I attempted to clarify.

“I know you because everyone is afraid of you. But I’m not. I'm more interested if you will. Here you go.” She handed me a can of soda.

I sat down across of the table. She stared at me intensely. I covered my face from blushing.

I never thought a girl who doesn’t know me would easily accept me into her home.

She stood up and walked out of the room. She headed into the next room over which I can guess is her bedroom.

The house was silent and awkward. I didn’t want to say anything that could possibly offend her in any way. But if I think too much I might say something that could make me seem like I'm making a move on her.

Jeez there are so many bases to making conversations.

There was screaming that came from outside. I stood up and rushed to the window. I couldn’t see what was going on but whatever was definitely was not good.

“Oh my. It seems another might have passed too? You work quick Terry.” The girl said walking seductively towards me.

“Huh? I couldn’t have done anything.” I defended myself.

She placed her arm around me and pressed herself against me. Her face was uncomfortably close to mine. Her eyes seemed to look deep into my soul. She was clearly eye raping me.

“People say that you are a curse…I think differently. I think you are what I want. My name is Danielle by the way. I contacted your mother and Lucy about you staying the night. They said it was fine.” She said.

I didn’t have anything to say. I was in shock. How did she get my mother’s information as well as Lucy’s? The crowd cleared up behind me. The bearded man from earlier died from a falling glass pane and killed him instantly. That was what I saw considering my limited movement from Danielle. She was very clingy as well as soft. Interestingly enough I couldn’t say no actually.

She forced my face back onto her. Without any reaction whatsoever she pressed her lips against mine. For a moment all I could think about was why she is doing this.

“That was my first kiss.” She blushed.

What’s going on?


I sat down at the dinner table across from Danielle. It was dark outside and almost time for me to sleep.

I should finish up eating and call Lucy or my mother.

“Oh damn it.” I said aloud on accident.

“Huh? What’s wrong?” Danielle asked.

I motioned my hands, “Nothing I was just thinking aloud.”

I quickly finished eating. I got up from the table and over to the sink. I began to wash my plate scraping the hell out of it. I should leave a good impression at least. I finished up the plates and went straight to the bathroom.

Coincidentally my phone rang, and it was my mother.

“So I was told by your girlfriend that you’re staying over the night huh?” Julie said.

“She’s not my girlfriend. Not only that but how was Lucy’s food, I would have loved to try it.” I replied.

“It was really good. Tomorrow you should come home before school so I can give some to you for lunch. Well I got to go, have fun and make sure you are protected!”

She hung up before I could say anything more.

Gosh that woman can be something else sometimes.

There was a knock on the door, and soon after a forced entrance inside.

“Who was that? Was that another girl? Who is she and do I need to do anything about it?” Danielle interrogated me.

“It was my mother and you would do something about it?” I counter asked.

She smiled, “Nope I didn’t say anything. Continue on.”

Oddly, I didn’t believe her.

I followed her out of the bathroom back into the living room. The street outside was quiet from what I remember only 3 hours ago. I sat down on the couch and scanned the apartment.

I still don’t know if I can trust this woman. She doesn’t seem like the person who would care about me. But something seems very quirky.

Her bedroom door opened catching my attention. She beckoned me to follow her into her room.       It was colder than the rest of the house. I can already see where this is going.

“I can’t allow you to sleep on the couch so I thought that you should sleep with me in my room.” Danielle said.

You know what? I guess it’s fine I don’t really have any regrets if something happens to me.

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