Terry has been cursed and the first person affected was his best friend. After being hit by a car, his curse is dormant until he leaves the hospital. Then everything begins.


3. Chapter 2

I sat down after obtaining my food. Lucy followed next to me. I guess she was serious about being that “bodyguard”. Mary sat down on the left of me and began eating as well.

“So Terry, how does it feel to be back into the world?” Mary asked.

Lucy forced my seat further away from Mary’s.

“Unlike you he is my actual friend. I think you should have a better way to present yourself.” Lucy said.

Mary was clearly offended by Lucy and decided to not pay attention to her. So Mary went around Lucy sitting back down next to me. For a while they did the same thing over and over. It was sickeningly disturbing.

I just wanted to eat my lunch in peace. More importantly, why is Lucy being my bodyguard anyway? Also why doesn’t she want me speaking to Mary?

“Can you guys just stop it already? I just want to eat in peace. Why does it matter to you if Mary wants to talk to me?” I said.

The two girls looked at me.

“You don’t need her, she’s not good enough for you.” Lucy said.

Mary was disgusted again.

“More of the opposite personally.” I berated myself.

“I am the only female you should ever need.” Lucy praised herself.

I backed up in complete shock.

What does she mean by that? Is she deliberately trying to keep me away from people? Is this Mom’s doing? I don’t understand.

Mary stood up slamming her hand on the table. Nearly everyone around us stared at her. Lucy stood up as well challenging Mary.

“What could you possibly do to support him? Just because you look like a fake slut doesn’t mean you can take him over!” Mary yelled.

I covered my face and sped up my eating pace.

“I-unlike you-live with him. I can cook, clean and I can make herbs into medicine! So what possibly can you do to protect him?” Lucy countered.

Without them knowing I slipped away and headed to the bathroom. It was an unlucky event that could’ve been resolved if I stopped and praised them both.

I walked over to the sinks. I turned the right knob slightly left and turned the left knob halfway right. I splashed water on my face. In the mirror I saw a red liquid splattered on the wall. It seemed to have come from the stall.

I opened the stall door to see a man crushed inside the toilet.  His body was popped sausage with blood everywhere. Chunks of meat slowly fell from his body to the toilet and finally to the ground.

I nearly puked from staring at him for two seconds.

I burst out of the bathroom and to the nearest teacher. Luckily it was my teacher Mr. James.

“Mr. James! The bathroom has a dead body in it!” I said while clinging on to him.

He got a brave look on his face and walked into the bathroom. He also noticed the blood all over the walls. But that face of bravery was wiped clean off upon entering the stall. He retched in disgust to the point of throwing up in the sinks.

I thought he was manly enough to not puke…I guess not.


Lucy clung onto me whenever we passed by Mary. Although

I should be happy about women fighting for me, I feel really annoyed. It isn’t as great as I thought it is.

I sat down at a bench next to Mary for a change.

“I finally escaped her. So what’s up?” I attempted conversation.

“I heard about you witnessing a death. What happened?” She asked.

“I entered the bathroom after you two having that discussion during lunch. There was a man in the toilet crushed. It wasn’t pretty.”

She pressed her hand against her chin.

She must be thinking about something. I would guess that it has something to do with me. Now that I think of it, it might have something to do with me. There was a death on the day that I got hurt and none since. I'm now back and there has been another death. It is either that now I'm going to get hurt or I might have to be precautious as hell.

“So this is where you have been! Get away from her!” Lucy popped up from literally nowhere.

“What do you have against me? I haven’t done anything to you besides speak to him! Do you love him that much to the point of making him a loner?” Mary ranted.

Lucy got quiet really quick.

Shots fired… but I have no clue on what was going on. I guess I should have stayed longer to hear what they had to say.

“You already know the case Mary. That is why I can’t trust you specifically.” Lucy said.

I was dumbfounded by what they discussed. Not only that but what is the ‘case’ that she speaks of?

“Can you guys please tell me what the hell is going on?” I asked.

They looked at me puzzled in fear. I wish I had a feeling as to what they were talking about.


I opened the door and headed straight to my room.

There wasn’t anything I needed to do and nothing I had to say to Lucy. Why couldn’t they tell me the situation? It can’t be that bad right?

I placed my book bag right by my bed. I switched clothing from my school uniform to casual clothes. I sat down on my bed looking out of the window.

It was a clear sky today, which made it special. Ever since my incident two years ago.

There was a knock on my door.

“Hey…are you okay? You haven’t spoke to me since earlier.” Lucy said with a sense of sadness.

I was quiet trying to shove her off. Although I shouldn’t do it I don’t really have anything to say to her.

“Yeah, I'm fine. I'm going to take a nap alright?” I said.

She didn’t reply to it making me feel like I said something wrong. I should act more appealing to her. I should although it will take a bunch of effort for her to grow on me.

I lay back on my bed and pulled the blanket over me. Drifting to sleep I could almost hear my door unlock. It was too late to look though. I had already fallen asleep.

I awoke nearly seconds later to see Lucy in my chair watching over me. I didn’t attempt to do anything suspicious but it was very odd for someone to watch another sleep. The way that she and everyone around me have been acting really gives the impression of something.

I can’t say I know what it is though.

My door opened a second time. This time was Julie.

“I told you to protect him, but I didn’t mean to watch him while he sleeps. Lucy, baby in order for you to get him close to you I think you shouldn’t force yourself on him. Unless he wants that.” Julie whispered.

“I’m sorry. I never had a boy in my life before. We both know that. So I guess I got too attached to him when he recognized me.” Lucy replied.

“I know baby. Remember that he is a person too. Take your time with him. You have my permission.”

Lucy gave a big smile.

I wonder what I have missed throughout those two years. Nothing seems to piece itself together. What permission does she have? I am so confused to the point that I can only think of one thing. I might be connected to the deaths. I don’t have any backup information but I do have a theory.

Julie left the room and soon followed Lucy. Finally I was alone in the dark room. I couldn’t sleep anymore though.

I wish I were able to. I need sleep in order for me to stay awake for school tomorrow.

The night stayed dark for a while. Then the sky began to spit blue lights. The rain landed harsh against the roofs of houses on my block. A nice and soothing sound it was, but I felt a deep feeling in my heart.

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