Terry has been cursed and the first person affected was his best friend. After being hit by a car, his curse is dormant until he leaves the hospital. Then everything begins.


2. Chapter 1

“You are almost ready to leave. Just need confirmation of a ride home alright Terry?” The nurse told me.

I nodded softly.

“Still won’t talk huh? That’s fine but one day you need to open yourself from shock.” She said. “I understand that you are still shaken up even after two years.”

The nurse walked out of the room closing the door behind her.

I looked out of the window to see dark clouds.

It was two years since the death of Elizabeth and since I was broken. I never thought that I would get run over. It’s kind of funny actually.

The door opened slightly. But no one entered the room. The door was closed before and suddenly opened.

I'm not sure how the wind could turn the door handle.

Shivers went up my spine.

The nurse entered the room again.

“Eh? Did someone come in?” She asked.

“No.” I said.

She laughed.

“Your voice is so cute! I haven’t heard it in years!” She giggled.

I covered my face from embarrassment.

She walked over to me and sat down. Something had bothered her in some way by her facial expression. There was nothing more than complete sadness that filled the room at the moment.

“Your mother was not able to come home. So she was able to leave you in my hands for a while. It’s okay we have grown quite fond of each other anyway.” She said.

I looked at her questionably.

“Miss Julie De ‘Marcos?” I said.

She raised her hand “Please, call me Mom.”

“My mother isn’t alive is she?”

Julie stopped moving in shock. You could already tell that the answer was yes.

“Come on…let’s go.” She quietly spoke.

She stood me up and assisted me on walking out of the hospital.

I was able to walk and move my body fine but I should still take myself easy. I can’t start making any heavy drops or landings from jumping. Not until I know that I'm fully fine at least. We exited the hospital. It was beginning to rain.

“So you will be continuing onto the eighth grade in your old school.” Julie said.

I nodded.

I opened the passenger door and entered the car. I haven’t been inside a vehicle since after the incident. The town seemed a bit dirtier and grungy, but maybe because it was raining outside.

I entered my assigned classroom. There was an empty seat in the back by the window. I walked over to it and sat down. All eyes were fixed on me as I walked over.

There was a feeling of depression that everyone gave me. It was something that I have felt before but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Everyone give Terry nice warm welcome back from his time being in the hospital.” Mr. James said.

The entire class stood up and began to greet me back. The feeling of depression left everyone’s face.

I guess they were happy that I'm back.

During lunch my old friend Roger sat down next to me.

“Hey man how’s it been? I know it’s been rough for you.” He sympathized.

I nodded as I took another bite of my bread. He looked at me with a stare of interest. I noticed it but didn’t say anything. Soon after a girl sat down next to me. She poked me getting my attention.

“So Terry I'm Mary Solx I was told by some of your old friends that I should talk to you. You seem interesting aside from not speaking to anyone for the entire day so far.” She introduced herself.

I nodded and shook her hand. It was nice to see that there were some people I didn’t need to talk to just to make friends. People just started talking to me like I was popular in a last life of some sort.

The next period bell rang, for me that means that I need to head to gym.

Luckily for me I was excused for my injuries. I was lucky to even be here today. I would’ve expected staying home.

“Hey Terry! C’mon let’s go to gym together.” Mary suggested.

I was surprised that she wanted to walk with me. We just met but it feels like we knew each other for years.

I patted her shoulder.

“I’m kind of curious about the one who told you to speak to me. I’m sure it was a teacher, wasn’t it?” I spoke softly.

She smiled.

“Yeah, it was. But I’m sure we can be real friends in no time!” Mary replied.

She didn’t look at me when she said that. Her face had a serious tone to it as well.

I should back off on conversing.

We made it to gym and broke apart from each other. I went to the bleachers and sat down on the boy’s side. I decided that I shouldn’t make too much friends because it could hurt me.

I’m going to keep myself on the down low so I don’t bring unnecessary attention.

“Everyone listen up! Our friend Terry Nark is back from the dead! He was released from the hospital yesterday and made it home safely. If you come across him please treat him with respect, he’s been through a lot lately.” The gym teacher announced.

Just as I expected, I bet every teacher is going to do this. I’m not important enough for this.

I opened my locker and took out my books.

Lucky for me I was able to get through school without any deaths. It is funny how I can make a joke about that. I don’t think I have the right to joke about her.

I exited the school and walked to the front. The streets were busy and that frightened me a bit.

“Hey bud. How’s it been?” Someone asked.

I looked to my left to see a female student standing there waiting.

“Did a teacher tell you to speak to me?” I asked.

“I feel offended. No, no one told me to. I figured since you lived next door to me we should walk together.” She said.

“How do you know where I live?”

“You're new mother told me, Julie.”

Well I guess that’s fine. But I am taking deep precautions with this girl. She doesn’t seem too bad but you never know what can happen.

We began walking. We crossed streets and intersections easily. But then I passed the old intersection I was nearly killed on. It was a grim reminder of my luck that day.

I don’t know I keep thinking about things that don’t have an impact on my life as of this moment. What’s going on is the present and I need to keep it that way.

I opened the door to my house. It was empty and quiet.

My body is feeling sore so I should also take a pain killer. Afterwards I should take a small nap and rest up a bit more. I may have been released but I still need rest. The girl walked inside the house as well.

“Oh yeah I forgot! My name is Lucy De ‘Marcos. I already know your name, everyone does.” She introduced herself. “Not only that but I am supposed to keep you safe from harm as mom says. Don’t worry I’ll just be with you Twenty-Four Seven.”

“Let me guess. You live here too don’t you?” I questioned.

“Yeah. I’m her real daughter. So that makes you my brother but I won’t treat you like one. I’ll treat you like a regular friend. I lied to you earlier about living next door. it would have been awkward saying that I lived with you.”

That is just perfect. I have a bodyguard and a sister now. I guess life doesn’t always have its perks.

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