Sex Addiction

Calum Hood is a sex addict who can't seem to control his need for sex. Any position. Anywhere. Anytime. Sex. But when a new girl comes to town, he can't help but want her more than anything. But surely he just wants her body, right? Isn't that just the addiction talking?


1. | The Addiction |

-Calum's POV- 

I sighed, checking the time on my phone. She should be here any minute now. I glanced at my friend Luke, who was sitting in the living room. He had come over for homework help(or that's what he told his parents) and so we had spent the evening playing video games and drinking beer. 


I would have to think about how to politely ask him to leave when Alex, my slut for the night, got here. See, I'm a sex addict. I'll admit it. I love sex, everything about it. And girls like Alex are paid to come give it to me good. 


Luke took a last sip of his beer and set it on the coffee table. "I'd better head home." He said, stretching. I nodded. "K, see you at school tomorrow." I replied, glancing at the door as if expecting to see Alex walk through it. Even though she wasn't supposed to be here for another 20 minutes... The wait was eating me alive. I barely heard the sound of Luke leaving as I stared at my phone screen, willing the time to change. 


20 agonizing minutes later, the doorbell rang. I stood up so fast I almost knocked over my chair and walked over as fast as I could without seeming desperate. I opened the door to see a girl with strawberry-blonde hair and blue eyes standing there. She was a bit shorter than me and smirked upon seeing me. 


"Hello again, Calum." She said, stepping inside. I closed the door behind her and looked down the hallway. "Where?" Alex asked, an innocent-sounding question, even though it was anything but. I glanced down the hallway. "The guest bedroom is closest." I said. I needed this sex. I had to have it now. I couldn't wait any longer. 


Alex walked down the hallway, me close on her heel. I observed the outfit she had picked for tonight: a slutty, stormy-colored dress that barely covered her bum. She had already left her high heels in the front room. I had taken off my shoes a while ago. 


I closed the door behind me and pushed Alex against the wall in a kiss filled with lust. She was left breathless as I hungrily made out with her. I couldn't wait any longer. 


Since she liked this as much as me, since she wasn't paid for this because she hated it, it didn't take long at all for Alex to be infested with the same lust. She put her hands on my chest and we broke the kiss for a few seconds as I took off her dress and she ripped off my shirt. 


I threw my little slut onto the bed and climbed on top of her, unbuckling my pants. I took them off and could already feel my length getting larger as I looked at Alex laying there in her underwear. She noticed that spot in my boxers becoming more pronounced and she smirked. I shared the smirk as I took off the rest of her underwear. 


It wasn't until I took off her black lace panties that I realized how wet she is. I  smirked wider as I slowly felt her vagina before sticking a finger inside of her. She moaned which got me going and I put another in, moving in and out of her rapidly. She threw back her head, not watching what I was doing anymore, and moaned louder. 


My boner was poking through my boxers, very visible. I slid my fingers out of Alex as she moaned again. I took my boxers off, throwing them across the room, and pointed my begging cock at her entrance. This was what I paid all these little sluts for. I slid inside her as I firmly gripped her ass. Alex moaned again as I started thrusting in and out of her. 


I moved faster as I picked her up, slamming Alex against the wall as I squeezed her ass and kept thrusting. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I thrusted harder. Still gripping her ass, I spun her around and threw her on the bed, practically diving onto her as I climbed onto that sexy body and entered her dripping pussy again. She was so tight, which made it even better. 


The moans were by now spilling out of her mouth as I fucked this little slut of mine so hard. She nearly screamed as she came, moaning my name. This of course encouraged me further and I pressed my body against hers, covering her face in rough kisses as I kept pounding into her. She repeatedly moaned against the kiss. Alex was practically shaking from my touch as I repeatedly pounded into her. 


I flipped us over and, still moaning uncontrollably, she began to bounce in time with my thrusts as we did Cowgirl. I enjoyed the view of her tits bouncing as, in my aroused state, everything I was doing became autopilot. "Ride it." I moaned. "Ride it, I'm going to cum soon, I can feel it." I said, starting to moan louder.  She obeyed and kept riding as I felt the orgasm building up inside me. 


I came in her and started slowing down my thrusts as we both were still moaning. I soon slid myself out of Alex and lay down. She came over and lay next to me. We both fell asleep. Later in the night I was awake and could tell she was too. I gripped her ass with her facing away from me. We were both still naked. I slowly slid myself into her tight little asshole. She let out a small gasp as I squeezed her ass and slowly pounded into the little slut. 


We fell asleep like that, spooning. When I woke up, she had climbed out of bed and I went downstairs to find her dressed and collecting her things. I had thrown on a shirt and pants before coming down. 


She smiled at seeing me. "Thanks for last night." I said. She nodded and I paid her. She left after I did so, and I sighed as she walked out the door. 


What am I doing with my life, paying to fuck some slut off of the street? 


I groaned and went upstairs to take a shower. Oh shit.. I have school today. Guess Calum Hood will get another detention for being late. Ugh...

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