Sex Addiction

Calum Hood is a sex addict who can't seem to control his need for sex. Any position. Anywhere. Anytime. Sex. But when a new girl comes to town, he can't help but want her more than anything. But surely he just wants her body, right? Isn't that just the addiction talking?


6. • Dream •

\ Lucy's POV /

I was wearing a short black dress and black heels. Gold bangles looped around my wrists and gold hoop earrings were dangling from my earlobes. The dress hugged me in all the right places, making my body appear more attractive and curvy than it really was. 

I grinned as I admired my reflection in the mirror. "Thanks so much for helping me with this, Tess." I said, turning to my friend. "No problem. He should be here soon." She replied. About ten minutes later, the doorbell rang.

I opened it to find Calum standing there, looking dashing in a tuxedo. "You look beautiful." He told me, grinning and escorting an arm to lead me to the car. I blushed and waved goodbye to Tess as he led me to his car. 

The restaurant we went to was very fancy and romantic. We had a candlelit dinner, and he gave me roses at the end. I was disappointed when we pulled up to my house; I didn't want the night to end. 


- Calum's POV -

She let out a soft whimper of pleasure as I gently kissed her, thrusting slowly into her vagina. I was on top of her as we laid on the bed. Her whimper of pleasure increased in volume as I started to pick up speed and kiss her more roughly. 

I moved to her neck, sucking and biting the skin there. She got louder as I moved down to in between her breasts and kissed down her stomach teasingly, staying at medium speed with my thrusting. 

Lust began to control my actions. I picked up her thighs and in a second had her pushed roughly against the wall. I pounded into her full speed, slapping her ass roughly as my cock reached deep inside her. Lucy's whimpers had turned into full moans by now. 

I threw her on the bed and started to fuck her doggy-style, slapping her ass hard until it was red. Lucy begged for me to go harder as I slammed into her again and again. 

I was unusually loud right now, also moaning as I fucked Lucy. I groaned in pleasure as I went back to her vagina, grinding against her as my cock destroyed her pussy walls. She was screaming my name by the time I cummed my load inside her. 

~ ~ ~

I sat up quickly in bed. 

'What a dream...' I groaned, falling back onto my pillow. I'd never really done anything like that to Lucy. I sighed and got up to get a drink of water. 

The addiction had to end, before I did something I regretted. 

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