Sex Addiction

Calum Hood is a sex addict who can't seem to control his need for sex. Any position. Anywhere. Anytime. Sex. But when a new girl comes to town, he can't help but want her more than anything. But surely he just wants her body, right? Isn't that just the addiction talking?


4. |Detention|

\ Lucy's POV /

I groaned when I looked at the digital clock on my dresser. My alarm, for whatever reason, hadn't gone off. So now I was going to be late for school. I got out of bed and threw on a T-shirt and jeans before hurrying out of my bedroom and eating breakfast at record speed. 


I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door. But I was still late to class. I sighed as Mr. Falkner handed me a pink detention slip. "Your parents will have to sign that." He said. I nodded and headed to my desk. I saw Maria smirk at me as I walked by her desk. The rest of her group giggled behind their hands, too quietly for Falkner to hear. It did help, though, when I got to my desk and Tess sent me a genuine look of 'I feel bad for you'. 


I looked around the class as Falkner started his regular morning routine, which consisted of the following: 

1. Telling us to stop talking and wait for the bell to ring

2. Threatening us with detention if we didn't stop talking

3. Giving up as we continued talking and he didn't have the energy to write out that many detention slips


I looked around for Calum and noticed him holding a pink slip too. He must have arrived about a minute before I did to still be late for school. Hmm..maybe this won't be so bad after all. 


At the end of the day I headed to the classroom written on my slip. Suddenly I felt a hand grab my waist, and before I knew it I was pushed against a locker with my hands above my head. A tall kid with black hair and green eyes smirked at me. "You're a pretty one." He muttered. I was about to slap the creep when I felt one of his hands slide down my skirt and invade my panties as the other kept my hands above my head. 


I couldn't help but let out a small moan as he started rubbing my clit. He smirked wider. "You like that baby?" He said. I tried to hold my moans back as he rubbed faster but it was hard. Suddenly the hand was out of my skirt and my arms fell to my sides. I looked up as the kid stumbled backwards from me with a cut lip. 


I glanced to the side and saw Calum standing there, his fist still curled up. He'd pulled the kid away from me and punched him in the mouth. The black-haired weirdo stumbled away, cussing under his breath. 


"Th-thanks." I said to Calum. He vaguely nodded, staring after that creep. So we headed to detention together and didn't say a word on the way there. Calum had just protected me. But why? 


We headed into detention together and sat at separate desks. The teacher looked up and glared at both of us pointedly. We sat in silence.


Soon, Calum glanced over at me. I could see him wanting to say something. Finally, he bit his tongue and stared at his desk. I stood and went over, sitting on his lap and facing him. His eyes widened. "Thanks for helping out back there." I said, a smirk tugging at the corners of my mouth. 


"N-no problem." The gorgeous male stammered. My smile widened as I got off his lap and returned to my seat. Calum had a bit of a disappointed look in his eyes. 


Who knew that boy would bring out such a different side of me? 


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