"In the end, we're left infinitely and utterly alone."

~Klaus Mikaelson


7. What They Say. What They All Say

"Oh, you poor, poor, thing."


"If you need to talk to anyone, I'm here."
Why would I want to talk to you when I've never seen you in my life?


"Do you need to talk?"
No, I just want to be left alone so I can clear my head.


"Oh, sweetie. Come here and give me a hug."
But I just gave hugs to six other people...


"I'm so sorry for your loss, dear."
*Just smiles because I don't really know how to respond to that...*


"Don't shut us out. It's okay to say how you feel."
I'm not shutting you out, I'm just still in shock.


"I know what you're going through..."
Do you really? Have you ever lost a parent you see every day
at the age of 17?

You have?
Oh, you haven't?

You were just saying that to make me feel better?

How is that supposed to make me feel any better?
You still have your parent, or you buried them at the appropriate age.

I'm not supposed to be burying him right now.
He's still supposed to be alive so he can witness me going to college,
so I can hear him say, "I'm not ready to let my baby girl go."

He's still supposed to be breathing so he can be the over-protected
dad when he meets my future boyfriends.

He's still supposed to be walking so he can walk me down the aisle
on my wedding day, and to have that daughter-father dance.

And he's still supposed to be smiling with joy when he gets to hold his
first ever grandchild in his arms and be the favorite papa.


But he's not...
And I won't get to experience that like you got to.
So don't you ever pull the "I know what you're going through" card on
me at this moment because you don't.


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