"In the end, we're left infinitely and utterly alone."

~Klaus Mikaelson


16. Happy Birthday...

Your birthday wasn’t too long ago.

First one we celebrate without you. 

Many more to come...

You're 43 now. 

Gosh, you're so young, taken away too soon. 

I guess God wanted his little angel back. 

But doesn’t he see that you were taken at the wrong time?

Mom can’t sleep, little brother is away because he doesn’t listen, baby brother gets angry all the time, and you’re only daughter, me, who is will start her senior year soon. 

You're supposed to still be here so you can watch your baby girl walk across the stage, starting the next chapter in her life. 

I don’t get it why, at the worst time, you had to go. 

But it’s not about that yet. 

Happy birthday, Daddy. 

I love you. 

- - -


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