the rise of Chica

I investigate the disappearance of my brothers. only to find their killer, William Afton. I have to really survive Five nights At Freddy's now. I'm the night guard and sister of the three missing children. Afton has hid something from us. but not from me


6. rise from the dead

it was like floating, the feel of something pulling me closer to death. 

well at least i'll be with my brothers again, whispered a little voice in my head. 

you can be alive AND be with your brothers at the same time, said a stricter, stronger voice 

how, i'm already dead, echoed the little voice. 

Marionette can do better than that, you idiot, shouted the stronger voice 

how can he, he's just a puppet, the little voice was near shouting now. 

HE'S NOT ONLY A PUPPET, YOU TWIT, bellowed the strong voice. i was in the center of a major argument with the living and dead. the living was winning. 

HE'S A BLOODY REAPER, SOMEONE WHO CAN BRING ONE FROM THE DEAD, it continued. with that a sucking sensation was pulling me away from the arguing voices. well at least i get away from that, i said to myself. i come crashing down to earth again. i slowly open my eyes. something seized me and tossed me off the stage. 

"AHHHHHHHH" i scream from the unexpected attack. i roll just as a knife struck the floor. i look up to see my attacker. 

Mr Rabbit-man-who-likes-to-kill stood above me, a murderous glint in his eyes. he swung the blade as i brought my hands up. 

two yellow, four fingered hands, one with a platter and a cupcake, came into view where my hands should be. 

i only had a few seconds of disbelief, when the blade cut off both of my hands 

wires came out where my hands were. 

i rolled away and managed to pick myself up. something seized control and i rushed forward, swinging the wires around like whips, screaming. the wires struck his face, bouncing off without an effect. he hit the but of the knife on my beak, plastic, nuts and bolts flying everywhere. i yell in rage and tackle the man. he will pay for what he did.

"you won't get away too easily now will you" Mr-rabbit-who-likes-to-kill asked me.

"not if you're on the ground and i'm on top of you." i retort back.

"not if i have a knife in my hand."

i realize my mistake and try to get up.he slashed on of my wires and i start to faze out. he just cut my power wire.

darkness comes and i hear a clang of metal on concrete. then coldness.

then i wake in a small room. lying on my back. even though i had landed on my face.

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