the rise of Chica

I investigate the disappearance of my brothers. only to find their killer, William Afton. I have to really survive Five nights At Freddy's now. I'm the night guard and sister of the three missing children. Afton has hid something from us. but not from me


3. night 1

Dong, Dong, Dong, Dong.

the sound of Midnight rung through the Pizzeria. I checked the security systems and saw one of my brothers, Mike, run down the hall into pirate cove. then saw a rabbit animatronic go in with a knife. he left with a blood stained knife. I stifle a sob as I hurdled down the hall to pirate cove. in less than a minute, I hear someone following. I turn to see two glowing silver eyes at the end of the hall. I turn on the torch to see Foxy advancing. I yelp at the thought of his sharp, shiny hook, slicing through my throat, his eyes the last thing I see. I scurry away to hide. I hide in the main dining room, containing the other three animatronics. under the table I see my favourite animatronic, Chica, staring down at the floor. Freddy and Bonnie were nowhere to be seen. I was about to move when a glow of eternal blue light up the room. the ears of a bunny ducked down and bonnie entered the room. I clap my hands over my mouth as he stepped closer. a top hat appeared at the doorway, scrapped the doorway and Freddy, cursing entered. foxy quickly followed a puppet. the puppet, Marionette, is just an accessory for the company. just for more money is what I heard. They start splitting up into search parties. Bonnie and Freddy were in one team I suppose, while Foxy and Marionette were in another. Freddy led Bonnie out, while the other two stayed. I couldn't hear what they were saying, so I crept through the other tables to hear what they were saying.

" So, what are we looking for again?" Marionette asked

"well, my puppet friend," Foxy said in his pirate accent. " we're looking for the night guard. I saw him go in here, I'm sure of it." he must think that I'm Afton. stupid robots. I snorted, then covered my mouth. I heard Foxy turn around, then the sound of the 6:00 am bell.

Ding Dong Ding Dong.

the two robots turn and walk away. I hear thumping and Freddy enters, followed by Bonnie. they get onto the stage and power down

so that was my first night. it didn't get any easier

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