the rise of Chica

I investigate the disappearance of my brothers. only to find their killer, William Afton. I have to really survive Five nights At Freddy's now. I'm the night guard and sister of the three missing children. Afton has hid something from us. but not from me


4. I find the truth

 night 2 isn't much easier than night 1.


the strokes of midnight rung out, followed quickly by thumping feet. I turn my torch to the left doorway. Bonnie was trying to enter. I quickly close the door. more thumping. I close the other door.

 with my ear at the door, I hear a deep voice on the other side of the door.
"Bonnie, what happened?" Freddy. I could recognise the voice from anywhere.

"that bloody night guard closed the door on me!" Bonnie raged. so vulgar I thought.

"calm down. who is it tonight?" another voice asked in a pirate accent. Foxy

"It was a girl, 10 or 11 years old, by the looks of that brat!"

"don't use vulgar language," I called. I look out the window to see the three animatronics looking at me

"it ain't gonna get you anywhere," I continued with a sneer.

"THAT'S IT!" screamed Bonnie. "I'M GONNA CLOUSE YA EYES OUT!"

"Bonnie calm down,"  called Freddy, but he was gone.

then I hear scary whispers in the room. I look around, but no one's there.

I listen to the voices, then I find out that they sound like my missing, even lost, brothers.

"He killed us," said one "now, that you're here, he'll kill you,"

Who? Killed you? thoughts rage through my head, then it snapped.

the reason why my brothers never came home, was because of Afton, the night guard. that's why he hasn't reported anything. he wouldn't.

because he killed my brothers.

the sound of the 6:00 am bell sounded. my shift was done. my next will begin.

with a killer on my tail.


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