Love Means Other Things

Love is far more than a significant other so let's break it down.


1. Love

The definition of love is many things:

an intense feeling of deep affection 

a person or thing that one loves

What if its more than that 

Has someone whom you never knew died for you 

Jesus did he died for our sins 

In life we are selfish no human would do that 

But Jesus was not like that

We all think love needs to come from a significant other

But what if I tell you it doesn't 

This will help: make a list of people who love you and then you will see the names pile up

In life we need to accept ourselves to feel happy 

In order to do that we have to find peace in where we stand 

Find peace in not having a significant other and be fine with just friends and family

At least God blessed you with family and friends 

Sometimes God may see fit we stay single 

Truth is we do not know his plans but we know how to pray 

If being single for the rest of your life is his plan then be at peace with that 

Be at peace knowing God put so much love in your life 

Be happy for others; your friends when they wed 

Because being happy for things like that brings in more love 

Bitterness and jealousy does not make ones soul happy you can feel it if you ever felt bitterness and jealousy you know you are not a happy camper 

You do not need a significant other but if you have one embrace the change 

From going single, happy, and at peace to in relationship, more happy, and at more peace 

Things like that make you even more happy and when those things end do not be sad take time and go back to what originally made you happy 


The real love started with three rusty nails 

Share the love too 


Love: Darcy_13




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