Forgiveness Is

What is forgiveness? How far does it go?


1. Forgiveness

What is forgiveness and how far does it go? 

I am religious, I am a Christian, I love and believe in God and his Son, Jesus Christ 

To those reading, I may be a nut case to them but this is me and my life

I am not trying to force this down on anyone so please

What is forgiveness? 

When Googled for the definition you get: the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.

Isn't it more then that? 

To me its  seeing both sides of a story and having the understanding and will power to forgive 

For example you say your friend stabbed you in the back and you talk to that friend and ask why they did it and what for 

And their response is they thought they were helping you 

That's when forgiveness comes in when you tell that friend you were actually hurt but understand that they had good motives 

That's forgiveness 

Sometimes in life people never want to here the other side 

But if we stop and listen we would see not everything is bad 

We need to realize that no human thinks the same not even twins 

We all have good intentions that turn out into mistakes and leave pain

If you ever felt like that DO NOT bring yourself down 

Because here is another thing: we need to forgive ourselves, don't beat yourself up 

A little warning here, there are people in life that will bring up the past and hurt you with it 

But DO NOT give in to those people 

When the wolves come trying to rip you apart with your past and who you use to be 

Kick them away and show them who you are today 

The past does not open doors or smiles; you do 

And you are here today. You are not in the past so stop living that way 

Remember how far you come live on progress and rejoice in that 

Don't lavish in failure but acknowledge it and how to fix failure then lavish in the progress you make 

Forgive yourself and others its all I ask

Don't beat yourself up but forgive yourself 

We humans aren't perfect so don't strive to be. Hear the two sides of a story and understand. When you understand is when you can truly forgive others and yourself. 




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