Tom Holland/Peter Parker Imagines

U know Tom Holland? Or do you know him as Peter Parker? Well, he a cute one!
As the title says, this will contain some short imagines starring Tom/Peter and you��

My english may be a little bit rusty, as I’m not from an englishspeaking country��


1. Cozy morning

Y/n point of view:

You wake up with Tom’s arm laying over your stomach, pulling you closer. His face is pressed against the side of your belly and his messy hair is sticking up. You both had fallen asleep cuddling last night after the movie.

You gently slide your hand over his neck and a sigh escapes his mouth. Smiling at his cuteness you slowly slip out of his grasp and out of the bed. As you find your slippers and put on one of Tom’s tshirts he curls up with your pillow. You tiptoe out of the bedroom and make your way to the kitchen, craving some breakfast. Not bothering to make anything big you look for some bread and any type of jam.

You take a bite of your masterpiece while you slowly walk around the kitchen. As you walk past the window you see your reflection and stop. Walking closer you see the big hickey on your neck and giggle, remembering how Tom struggled to make it. How he felt so proud of marking you as his own. You smile at the thought and stop at the kitchen island watching a magazine with Tom on it.

Suddenly, you feel somone embrace you from behind and snuggle your neck. You smile and lean on his chest, stretching your neck to give him better access.

«Y/n, how is it that I woke up alone in the bed?» Tom whispers in your ear while pulling you closer by the hips. His lips teasingly brushing your neck.

« Mhm, I didn’t want to wake you up. You looked so peaceful.”

You hold your breath when his lips finds your sweet spot and exhale as he softly kisses you there.

“ Well, it got a little bit cold without you, y/n.” His voice raspy from just waking up.

You turn around in his grasp and let your hands travel up his arms and around his neck. You look at his bare chest and sloppy pyjamas pants, he’s so handsome. He gives you one of his smirks when he catches you staring and walks even closer, pushing you into the island. You giggle and play with the hair at the back of his neck as you raise yourself up in your tiptoes. You brush your lips over his, teasing him. He leans closer as you back up a little, making him really want it.

“You’re such a tease,”, he whispers against your lips while you both smile. Then he grabs your face, and your lips finally meet. You smile into the kiss and push your body against him, messing up his hair with your hands. He grunts and one of his hands falls down at the small of your back. Deepening the kiss he licks your lips asking for permission. You barely open your lips and he takes the opportunity to slip his tongue in. After a while you have to pull away totally out of breath. His mouth keeps traveling down your neck. Using his one hand he tilts your head up and you gasp as he suck on your neck. Your hands slide down to his chest and you sligthly push him,

«Let’s go and get warm» you say as you take his hand and lead a smirking Tom to the bedroom.

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