Falling For You

When Hiroshi is bought during an auction for evil scientists, he's taken in by Dr. William Claude, a notorious man among many. At first, our freckled inventor is terrified of his new master, but soon he warms up to him and learns that he may not be as evil as people see him to be. But what happens when Hiroshi starts falling for his owner? Find out in "Falling For You!"


1. Sold!


"Ah! I'm late, I'm so late!"


The freckled ginger yelled, carrying some books, papers, and a messenger bag. He was rushing past people on the sidewalk. He ran faster, huffing and wheezing.


His name was Hiroshi. That's all his name was. He had no last name.


"Master's going to be so upset," he said, running into a building


He stopped once inside, panting and shaking his head, "Master! I'm sorry for being late! I ran into a couple of thugs, people kept trying to sell me stuff, and-"


"Hiroshi. The papers." the dark haired man said, standing from the chair


"Yes, sir!"


Dr. Claude stepped forward towards the other, holding out his hand as the orange haired servant handed him the papers. He took them gently and nodded before heading back to his seat at the desk.


Hiro waited for his orders, his goggles shining.


"Please. Sit." he looked over to his servant, "You don't have to stand."


His eyes looked dim. Dead. Colorless.


"Yes, sir."


Hiroshi sat at his desk, setting the messenger bag down along with the books. He flipped through the blue one that had gold edges and lines.


"Master, may I speak?"




"Have you read this one? It's about the parts to make a sphereis."


"A sphereis you say?" he perked up, "Hand that to me once you've taken notes. Alright?"


"Yes, sir."


As the night went on, Hiroshi grew tired. He laid his chin on the desk as he read the textbook, jotting down notes here and there. He yawned and rested his head, falling asleep a minute later, the book falling onto his head.


The doctor looked over, taking off his reading glasses. He shook his head and picked up the book, placing a bookmark in it then set it down next to the sleeping man. He sighed and stood up, walking upstairs to his room, not wanting to bother the other.


Meanwhile, Hiroshi dreamed of the first time he met the doctor...




"21,000!" the auctioneer yelled to the crowd,


6 raised their hands.




4 raised their hands.




3 raised their hands.


"100,000." said a voice.


Everyone looked to the man, murmuring about the bid.


"Really? For this scrawny thing?" he said hitting Hiroshi with his cane "Anyone else for 100,000?"


Nobody raised their hand.




The auctioneer pushed the ginger off the stage, making him fall. When he looked up, he saw the dark-haired man standing above him. His suit was tidy, perfect. His mask was that of a crow.


"H-Hello, sir..."


"Come with me."


Hiro nodded and followed the man out the doors.


"Your name?"




"Last name?"


"I...don't remember."


"Ah. Well. Your name is now Hiroshi Claude. You shall take on my name. Call me sir and ask to do anything." he started talking about various things.


Hiroshi couldn't focus though. He was staring at his new master. His hair was a light brown, curled slightly, but messy. It was the only thing messy about him. He stood up straight and had a strange accent that was new to Hiroshi.


"Did you get all that?"


"Y-Yes, sir."




As they were about to step outside, a group of men hurried up to the two men, looking angry.


"Dr. Claude!" one yelled




"What the hell! Why 50 grand!? I was going to win that back in a game!"


"I won it. And I used it. You can win some back next time."


He stepped towards the entrance, but the man grabbed his shoulder. Dr. Claude looked at his hand then back to the man.


"Please. Do not touch me."


Hiroshi stared, hiding behind his master.


"No. You stay here."


In a flash, the other was on the ground, his legs swept out from under him. The other two went to jump on their fellow scientist, but he got to them first, making them both hit the ground hard.


"Let's go, Hiroshi." he dusted his hands off before turning towards the door.


"Yes, sir..." he nodded and hurried after him


They got into a black, convertible vehicle, fresh off the market. They drove away as their chauffeur stared straight ahead. William and Hiroshi sat in the back.






"Who were they?..."






Hiroshi fidgeted and shook lightly, staring out into the night. The city lights shining brightly. Meanwhile, the doctor lit a cigarette and took a drag off of it, exhaling slowly.


The ginger felt drowsy. So much had happened that day. He leaned against the side of the car, falling asleep. After a while, William looked over and moved Hiroshi to lean against him. Hiro could only feel the warmth and heard mumbling.




"I'm going to take care of him," William mumbled to himself as he sat on his bed.

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