Turn Him Evil

When Harry is only one year old, Bellatrix Lestrange kidnaps him off the Dursley's doorstep. For ten years, the Wizarding World had no idea what had happened to their saviour. Until McGonagall sees the Magic Quill writing out a letter to Mr. H. Potter.

Meanwhile, in the Lestrange Estate, Bellatrix and Rodolphus are accidentally redeeming themselves in the eyes of the fandom; While the Wizarding World has spent the last ten years searching for the Boy Who Lived, they've spent them training him to be the most powerful Death Eater in existence; while also teaching him to be kind and sweet to those who deserve it, not to mention spoiling him rotton.


2. Chapter Two

"Come on, Harry, you've got to concentrate!" Bellatrix said, reviving her charge with a flick of her wand. "Remember, incantation is Protego, not Protago." 

"Right." Harry stood. "What else?" 

"You're flourishing your wand too much." Rodolphus appeared. "It's not so much a wave, as a flick." 

"Okay." Harry nodded, readying himself, raising his wand. "I'm ready to go again." 

Harry was nine years old, turning ten in a week. Bellatrix and Rodolphus had taken Harry two years ago to Diagon Alley to get his wand four years early, so they could make sure he was ready if anyone... undesirable came to call. Finally, after teaching him stunning, and disarming, and petrifying, and all the offensive charms, it had occurred to the pair that they should probably teach him how to block unfriendly spells, if the need arose. And so Harry was learning the shield charm. 

"Ready?" Bellatrix verified. 

Harry nodded. 

"Stupefy!" Bellatrix shouted, as Harry yelled, "Protego!" 

For the first time, he managed to say it entirely correctly, and flicked his wand. The shield erupted out of his wand, and stayed there. It didn't crumble under the Stunning spell; instead, the spell ricochet off and nearly hit Rodolphus.  

"Excellent, Harry!" Both adults exclaimed. 

Harry looked pleased. "Finally!"

"Ready to try again a few times?" Bellatrix asked. 

Harry shrugged, readying himself. "Yeah, sure." 

They ran through it a couple more times, before trying every spell that Harry knew. Harry executed all of them perfectly. 

"That's fantastic, Harry!" Bellatrix encouraged, as the little family settled around the table for lunch. "You'll be more advanced than any other student once you go to Hogwarts!" 

"Are you sure I'm going to Hogwarts?" Harry asked tentatively. "I mean, why not just homeschool me and Draco with Lucius and Narcissa?" 

"Because you haven't been able to see many other kids," Rodolphus said sternly, "And you need to be taught things other than dueling, like History of Magic, and Potions." 

"Just have Severus come over to teach me Potions, and I can read all the History books and teach myself." Harry replied, a bit sulkily, but they'd had this conversation before; They couldn't go out now, because Bellatrix and Rodolphus had done some... questionable things before Voldemort disappeared, so before they could prove, or even decide, that they were actually on the light side, they really couldn't go anywhere other than the Malfoy Manor. Luckily, Harry and Draco had hit it off immediately, and were currently best friends. Lucius and Narcissa had already decided that they wanted to turn over a new leaf; Even following Voldemort, the war had caused way too much fear for them to handle. At any moment, they and their son and friends could be dead; one wrong move, and everyone they cared about could be gone. 

"Harry, you've still got a little more than a year before you go to Hogwarts." Bellatrix said. "You'll come around to the idea by then." 

"Yeah, I guess." Harry sighed. 

The conversation ended when their house-elf, Tibby, emerged from the kitchen carrying a tray of lunch. 

"Thank you, Tibby," Harry said, accepting his plate. 

Bellatrix, Rodolphus, and Harry ate their lunch, talking and laughing together. Bellatrix and Rodolphus weren't even aware how much they changed, but nine years ago, there was no chance you'd find the pair of them having lunch with a little boy they'd raised on their own, with Bellatrix wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, her hair tied in a messy bun with her wand stuck through it, and Rodolphus just in jeans and a t-shirt. They'd pretty much forgotten their old ways, and were happy together as a family. 

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